Here are my figural 'people' toothpick holders.

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Kate Greenaway girl sitting next to a large bulb-shaped toothpick holder, unmarked

  3x a lady walking next to a cup shaped toothpick holder, marked Derby Silver Co. 2302

similar to toothpick holder above but with a different cup. Marked Derby Silver Co. 2303, so next in the series.

 3 x A lovely Kate Greenaway girl stands chest on to a pot shaped toothpick holder.
Marked James Tufts 3407.
The last 2 seem to have had a gold wash at some time.

This figural toothpick hodler has a Kate Greenaway girl standing on a triangular shaped platform base,
with an oval shaped woven basket in front of her to hold the toothpicks. It is marked James W Tufts 2599 

2 x girl with rope around the toothpick holder, marked Meriden B Company 44

This is one of the best figural toothpick holder you will see. It is made by the master James W Tufts of Boston, who became rich after inventing teh soda bottle. It depicts a large (in the comparative size) lady standing up against an urn (the toothpick holder). It is numbered 3404. The detail, even on the base is extraordinary.

This is a somewhat similar figurasl toothpick holder to the one above, with the "urn" replaced by a separte glass toothpick holder.
It is marked Tufts 3405. The glass is original. I has sold for over $500 at USA auction houses in recent years. TKH

2 x This lady is also found in a figural napkin ring but on an oval base with a dog behind her.
She is carrying a basket in this case instead of a napkin ring.
This figural toothpick holder is also made by Reed & barton and has the production/pattern/patent no. 250.
The number on the ring incidentally is 1175.

  4 x a chinaman (perhaps Confusius) sits on a highly decorated circular base with a geometrically-shaped toothpick holder
Marked Pairpoint 3703. Both in excellent condition. MISSING ONE !!!

clown emptying out his pockets next to a barrel/tree stump toothpick holder

A clown stands on front of a cup shaped holder.
Marked Holman Silver Plate Co. 1722. The first 2 is inverted.

  6 x boy taking off his socks next to a floor-vase shaped toothpick holder, marked Derby Silver Co. 2307. The second one seems to be slightly larger than the other one. The first looks to have suffered some plate loss on the holder. The second is in much better condition.  The third one is in excellent condition and is not for sale. Fourth one is for sale. It is in pretty good overall condition. The fifth one is in excellent condition and may have been replated.

2 x two black boys (American black memorabilia) sitting/peaking next to a cotton bale shaped toothpick holder, with watermelon, unmarked.
One seems to have been bronze plated over the top, whereas the other one looks to just silverplated but with a very darkish patina.

2 x baker carrying a barrel of doe as a toothpick holder, marked James Tufts 2642, first one is bronzed finish.
It may have been a match holder.

baker carrying a barrel of doe as a toothpick holder, very similar to one above, but different base and crowned barrel, marked James Tufts 2689.

An extra two as above.

3 x This toothpick holder (and salt?) is in the same theme as the above too, also made by Tufts # 2690.
In this one the baker is also carrying a bucket which is made separately.
It is amazing to get a toothpick holder with an attachment as this still present and in such great condition. Almost mint.
The bucket is missing in one of them. I have even seen the bucket welded to the man's hands.
Just added the toothpick holder with the bucket in the baker's hands.

This looks like a toothpick holder but is actually a figural napkin ring, as explained in G&W, page 281, plate 695. It is the napkin ring partner to the toothpick holder number 2642 shown above. I have decided to leave it in this section anyhow, as it closely resembles the toothpick holder above. It is marked James W Tufts 1516. The toothpick holders were numbered in the two thousands, whereas this number is in the thousands. The green glass insert has been added at a later date. It may be uranium glass.

2 x Grenadeir/ gaurd with pole standing at attention next to a tree stump shaped toothpick holder, unmarked, bottom filled with old plaster one one and velvet bottom on other.

A fairly large Kate Greenaway boy stands on a pedestal next to the toothpick holder.
this may have been a reconstituted piece. Not marked.

This figural toothpick holder which is similar in style to the ones above has a Grecian looking soldier standing with a spear next to a bin with forms the toothpick holder. It is interesting that the bin is quite small, probably so the toothpicks splay out. It is marked Middletown Plate Co. 46. In amazing condition given the spear has survived.

2 x chinaman carrying two hanging pots which form the toothpick holders, marked 2648

This figural toothpick hodler has the above man on an early bicycle.
It si magnificant. Marked 2649. I cannot see the Tufts mark but obviously the next in this series to the prebious toothpick holder.
One of these in poor condition recently sold at a USA auction for $540 USD (20% premium).
Loss of silverplate all over plus back wheel resoldered improperly.

boy standing next to a bale of hay forming the toothpick holder, unmarked, with original separate base (hard to find with).

4 x A Kate Greenaway boy stands next to a wide shaped toothpick holder.
Marked Rogers & Bro, triple plate # 43, in excellent condition.

another as above

another two as above.

one more of the above.

another one

This tootpick holder does not have a person but is similar to the ones above and obviously came out in a series with the two above, as it is marked Meriden B Company #40.
There are two above (one boy and one girl) that are numbers 43 and 44.
(Rogers & Bro were absorbed into Meriden B Company around 1867 or so)
It just has a ribbon/rope tied around the top. there is no sign that anything was attached.
This is not in this section but on "other"

This figural toothpick holder is marked as made by Knapp. There is no number. Has a copper wash.

This is a lovely antique American figural match or toothpick holder c1880/1890 which has a boy sitting on the ground next to a basket surrounded by garden. 
The detail on the boy, etc., is excellent. I believe the character in it is Wee Willie Winkle because of his hat.
This figural toothpick holder is marked with a 7 and on close examination it looks like there was an attempt to stamp it....very faunt....there is a logo, and I think I can see the word treble, sugessting treble plate.
The piece itself look like pewter/britannia metal with no silver plating though. Maybe it was going to be plated but was then left as is for a match holder as opposed to a toothpick holder. 

3 x a chinese man or woman carrying a container (the toothpick holder), marked 327.
Probably made by Aurora Silver Co., as they used this figure in a combination set.
I have seen this stamped 327 Aurora on another toothpick holder the same as this.
In fact the second and third are stamped Aurora 327.
Both in excellent condition.
The second one may have a bit of a gold wash on it.

A chineseman hunched over carrying a large barrel on his back. In untouched condition, with very dark (grey black) patina.
Marked 2643. Looks to be the work of James W Tufts to me. Fantastic condition. Extraordinary detail.

This is the same as above but seems to have an applied copper finish to it.
Also marked 2643 and known to have been made by James W Tufts.
I believe this may have been made more to use as a match holder instead of a toothpick holder like the previous one.

This is as above but strange in that it seems to be marked 1517.  It has a bronzed finish
so was probably a match holder. 

This is a very interesting toothpick holder because it resembles a napkin ring with a boy standing in front of the ring, just like he is standing in front of the toothpoick holder. On close examination it is revealed that this toothpick holder was actually made from the very said napkin ring. The ring has been taken off, connecetd to the boy sidewats and had a bottom put on one side of teh napkin ring. How do I know all this? Besides by looking at the work done on the ring, it is also stamped Meriden #351, the same as for the said napkin ring. This conversion seems to have been done quite some time ago, and it rather well done. Maybe someone had it converted to a toothpick holder to match his other identical napkin ring, or maybe they had it converted to a toothpick holder (which was still useful) when napkin rings were less useful (with the advent of paper napkins. It is in overall very good condition. The detail on the boy is quite extraordinary. MISSING !!!

In this figural toothpick holder a man is carrying a shere (I think it is meant to represent the world) above his head.
Marked Reed & Barton 225. In excellent condition with a great patina.

A boy crawling along the ground has a toothpick ball on his back.

3 x This figural toothpick holder has a boy teaching a dog tricks with a biscuit in one hand.
The same boy and dog figure in a figural napkin ring made by Meriden B Company (marked 199 from memory).
This one is marked Meriden B Company 46. There is also a card receiving tray with the same boy and dog marked Meriden B Company 141. ATK

A sailor, with hat in one hand, stands next to a tall urn-shaped toothpick holder. Marked Wilcox Silver Silverplate Co. 1907 Gilt. You can see the toothpick holder does have gilt in certain place. It is a bit hard to tell where though until the piece is cleaned which I am not that keen to do. I have a figural napkin ring with the same man. 

This figural toothpick holder has same man as in the one above. In this one the man is waving (I think)
and has a rope around a barrel. I think the man may have had a flag in his hand, or maybe his hat.

It is marked Derby Silver Co. 2301

2 x This figural toothpick holder depicts a sailor/boy pushing a barrel on its end. The barrel forms the toothpick holder.
It is marked Meriden B Company #23. It has some wear and tarnish
comisserate with age.
There may be some wear to the silverplate. It is always hard to tell until you clean it properly, which I will never do.

This figural toothpick holder has a barrel sitting upright on a wheelbarrow carried by a small boy.
Marked Derby Silver plate Co. 2300

This is a magficant figural toothpick holder, which has a sailor boy lighting a fuse to a cannon.
Marked Reed & Barton 275.
There is a similar toothpick holder with a fox peering into the same cannon.

Very similar to one above but number 276.

This toothpick holder takes the shape of an American red indian's head decorated with feathers. This particular toothpick holder is gold and copper plated. Looks to be original to me.

This figural toothpick holder has an Indian alongside a tree stump with a shield fitted to the tree stump showing the Morman Temple in Salt Lake City. It has a copper-ish finish to the surface. Maker and nu8mber not marked.
The tree stump is decorated with feathers.

A fabulous toothpick holder with a finely dressed gentleman striding or standing with pride alonside a nicely shaped and decorated tootpick holder.
Marked Hartford Silver Co. 2750

This figural toothpick hodler has teh same boy as in the above one but he is standing
next to a pine cone with holes in it for the the toothpicks.
Marked hartford 0795 or 01705.

These are just fabulous. They are made by WMF which besides the USA made some of the best silverplate figurals. This is a pair of figural toothpick holders, one with a boy carrying a basket (like a basket of wood, but for toothpicks), and one with a girl. I also have a similar matching pair of napkin rings. These are marked WMF with the diamond and I/O symbols. There is a little plate loss but they both have a lovely patina. The details is as good or even better than the usa figurals. Unlike the American ones which usually have a Britannia metal base, these 2 appear to have brass.

I have an extra boy one.

This figural toothpick holder is made by WMF and the toothpicks are help by a fan in a chinese mans' hand.
The detail is as good or even better than the American this case anyhow.

This is similar to the one above, also made by WMF, with a lady holding a fan above her head.

A lovely WMY figural toothpick holder with a boy holding what appears to ne a corn cob shell for the toothpicks.
Marked WMF symbol in diamond, OX, B, I/O

In this WMF figural napkin ring a girl is being attacked by a goose.
Marked O/I WMF XO 532.
There is a similar theme figural napkin ring made by WMF,
with a girl climbing up the ring with the goose biting on her skirt.
See female figural napkin rings.

2 x A man carries a container on his back tied with 'rope', all on a big leaf base, in this figural toothpick holder.
These could conceivably been made as epergne vases but it seems to me that they make lovely toothpick holders as well.
Marked Wilcox Silver Plate Co. 2900. 

This is a lovely old figural toothpick holder with a kate Greenaway boy holding a hoola-hoop, standing next to the toothpick holder, all on an oval shaped base on ball feet. Marked James W Tufts 3401. The hoola-hoop is not original to the piece. It is made of sterling silver whereas the rest is silverplate Britannia metal. As you can imagine the hoola-hoop would have been easily broken off after 120 odd years of age.  the ring is MISSING fallen off where stored before. 

This figural toothpick holder has a Kate Greenaway boy standing on a base in front of two fence posts.
The actual toothpick holder would have been a glass holder sitting in between the boy and the posts.
It is marked James W Tufts 2590

the maker of this fabulous toothpick holder is not marked but it is exquiste. It has a French gentleman or seaman holding an umbrella.
A lot of the silverplate has worn off and the brass metal is showing in places.
This is quite a tall piece.

A lady carries a basket on her back for the toothpicks.
Believed to be made by WMF. Marked 70.
Marks also show it has been resilvered.

In the figural toothpick holder a man walks along with his dog carrying a bin (the toothpick holder) on his back.
The man has a walking stick. I am not sure if this is meant to be Rip van Winkle.
The piece is in excellent condition with a nice shiny darkish patina.
Marked Wilcox Silverplate Co. 1908

This extremely rare figural toothpick holder has two little men climbing up the toothpick holder which looks like a pumpkin.
Super cool/cute. Marked Derby Silver Co. 353.

This has the same climbing up the sides of the toothpick holder.
Marked Rogers & Bro 149

This cute little figural toothpick holder has a little swinging/jumping boy on a side of the cup.
The same boy appears in many figural napkin rings.
It is marked Forbes Silber Co. 217.

2 x This is one of my favorite figural toothpick holders.
It has the bust of a baby with holes it its head for the toothpicks.
It is marked James W Tufts 2675.
It is quadruple silverplate but also has a lovely copper wash on top. MKH

A lady with a hood over her head (presumably protecting herself from the rain),
 with a stick in one hand walks alongside a shaped toothpick holder.
Marked Meriden Silverplate Co. 077

two boys are in a sailing boat next to a bucket with a movable handle.
marked Acme Silver plate Co. 1466.

This is one of the best designed figural toothpick holders I have seen.
It has a Egyptian man holding up a broken egg,
with the other 'half of the egg in the base with a chick standing on a branch close by.
It is not marked as to maker and number. Not the best photo.

Even though this figural toothpick holder is obviously humpty dumpty I have placed
it in the people's section. It may have been made as a match holder.
I cannot find a maker's mark. 

A young Kate Greenaway boy stands next to an urn-shaped toothpick holder.
Marked James W Tufts 3408

A sailor, or colonial officer stands with sword in hand next to a shaped and decorated toothpick holder.
Marked Middletown Silver Plate Co. 32.

boy holding boot, Pairpoint Mfg. Co.
In brass on a marble plinth. AIK

This is a rather large  (5-6 inches high) figual toothpick holder which seems to have 2 holders,
guessing one for new toothopicks
and one for used ones.
A maid or cherub sits on a table or stool holding the 2 holders one in each arm.
there is a small dog under the stool.
marked Wilcox Silver Plate Co. 1777.

CHECK maybe should be in cherubs

This is a fabulous toothpick or match holder, with a Kate Greenaway girl and a pug dog, on a rectangular shaped base sitting on 4 splayed scroll shaped feet. Unmarked as far as I can see.

This could go into the napkin ring category but is also a toothpick holder.
The toothpick holder consists of a man carrying a large basket, leaning back on a decorated napkin ring.
The ring has separated from the rest.
I cannot find any markings on this. Definitely a real oldie though.


A Chinese made with platted hair stands on a circular base with a barrel and an umbrella with holes in the.
The toothpicks can be placed in the umbrella and discarded into the barrel. 
This is a one off piece I have never seen before.
It is in excellent new mint condition.
It is marked Simpson Hall Miller and Co. 01 I believe (or 10?)

A man stand on a tall pedestal with a ball on his head with holes in it for the toothpicks.
Unmarked. Looks American, but could be European. Has a Portuguese look about it.