Here are my other miscellaneous figural toothpick holders. 

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This toothpick holder takes the form of a top hat. It is very well made and quite detailed as to texture. It also has a ribbon at the bottom ob the hat. marked as made by James W Tufts 4142.

This figural toothpick holder has a Palmer Cox Brownie figure standing next to a toothpick holder on a decoarted raised base.
It is not marked as to maker or number but is authentic as the details is very good. It looks like there may be a makers mark underneath but I am not sure. My guess is that it was made by Pairpoint Nfg. Co. see similar item below.

2 x This Palmer Cox Brownie figural toothpick holder is very similar to the one above,
except that the toothpick holder is in the shape of a broken egg and the palmer Cox Brownie is holding a rifle on his shoulder.
Marked Pairpoint Mfg. Co. 3756.

This is a lovely Palmer Cox Brownie figural toothpick holder, where the toothpicks go
into an umbrella with the Brownie underneath sheltering from the rain.
It is marked Pairpoint Mfg. Co. 3758 (or 3753).

This is a fantastic Palmer Cox Brownie figural toothpick holder, where the toothpicks go
in a broken egg behind the Brownie (on his back) whilst the Brownie is riding on top of a turtle with reins to the turtle's mouth.
It is marked Pairpoint Mfg. Co. 3760.

A fabulous toothpick hlder in the shape of a jug. Made by Jenning Brothers (hallmark JB # 1054). Jenning Brothers's work is featured in the book "American Figural Napkin Rings" by Gottschalk & Whitson. This is a very solid piece in excellent condition.

This is a most unusual rather large Tufts toothpick holder, with 2 large leaves forming the base and branches and trigs above with a toothpick holder basket woven out of trigs and vines. Marked James W Tufts 3284.  This is an extremely rare piece.

This is another fabulous Toothpick or match holder made by James W Tufts in the form of a camp fire with a pot hanging from a a stick support above. It has the pattern number 2623 next to the Tufts logo. It also has the number 39 stamped on the opposite side on the base (might be the pattern number of the pot). It is in near mint condition with a nice dark patina there are not any signs that it was used as a match holder as there is no wear where the matches might have been struck, so I am assuming it was made as a toothpick holder. It may have been made as a match holder and never used though. Like I said before it is in mint condition.  To my mind, it makes more sense if it was a match holder, with the campfire etc., but who knows.

This figural toothpick holder has a bucket swinging on wooden side supports.
Marked as made by WMF. Very detailed.

This toothpick holder is alos of the pot over a campfire style. It is not marked. I do not think the chain is original. My guess is that it was hung by a stiff wire with a hook at either end. It is not marked as to maker or numbered, but the detail and aging confirms it is a genuine Victorian piece.
The cauldron in the above may be missing its 3 legs, but I have a spare cauldron (see below.)

This lovely figural toothpick holder is made in the shape of a nice old strapped wooden bucket with a swinging handle.
It is marked Queen City Silver Co. 22-14.

A figural toothpick hodler or perhaps a match holder in the form of a fire water bucket with some bits deliberately left unsilvered as brass.

This figural toothpick holder takes the form of a barrel on a wheelbarrow.
It is marked Derby Silver Co. 2300.

This toothpick holder has a bucket with handle on a wheelbarrow.
Marked James W Tufts 4159. 

This figural toothpick holder takes the form of an upside-down umbrella.
There are some markings in this but I cannot identify them.
Most of teh silverplating has been worn and the underlying brass metal is exposed in places.

This fifural toothpick holder looks like a log supported oncrossed branches with a dug-out for the toothpicks.
It is marked James W Tufts 3460. In excellent condition.

This toothpick holder is supported by 4 tennis racquets, 2 crossed on each side.
Unfortunately one of the racquets is missing (far side) but still displays beautifully from one side. Unmarked.

The figural toothpick holder has a violin and a hat and has "Old Friends" engraved on the front.
It is marked as made by ???? . Sorry too hard to read right now. 

2 x This figural toothpick holder is decorated with blacksmith tools on one side
(includes anvil/hammer, tongs and bellows) and there is a hat on the other side.
It is marked as made by Wilcox Silverplate Co. with the production/pattern/patent/catalogue number 2529. BTK

This toothpick holder sits on a pedestal on a leaf base. Unmarked. Looking at this closely it looks like a napkin ring was soldered to the rest of the base to make a toothpick holder. This seems to have been a quite common practice where a napkin ring was turned into a more useful toothpick holder probably in the early 1900s. If this is the case, I wonder what the base was?

2 x this 'double' toothpick (more probably a match holder) holder consists of a pait of boots, in very good condition, marked Aurora 334.

a most unusual toothpick holder with a marine theme. Even the little bun feet are shells.
This is quite tall, so may well have been a match holder, marked James Tufts 3260, very good aged condition.

A fabulously decorated toothpick holder made by Pairpoint Mfg, Co., New Bedford, Mass. #1928.

A loveley embossed and pieced figural toothpick holder with leaves and flowers.
marked Wilcox Silevr Plate Co. 2535 Gilt.

Derby Silver Co 1503

FB Rogers 1546. With a crown and the date 1883 I think.

This figural toothpick holder takes the form of a trophy. Marked F.S. Co. USA 1046.

"Take Your Pick" with 2 handles. Homan Manufacturing 60.

Another figural toothpick holder with 2 handles. Marked N F Silver Co. 85

Similar to one above. Slightly bigger in size.
Marked Forbes Silver Co. 204

A lovely plain toothpick holder with two handles, marked Pairpoint #1925

This another painisg toothpick holder which takes the form of a large bag with branch handles.
Marked pairpoint 3707.

Takes the form of a cup with 3 handles.
Has plark for Des Moines Iowa on shield.
Marked K & O Co. on bottom.

This horseshoe toothpick holder is in fabulous condition. There is a corresponding napkin ring like this.
It may well be that someone has added a base to the napkin ring to use as a toothpick holder. Unmarked as to maker.

A delightful little toothpick holder with a tappered bottom, decorated splayed base, engraved flowers on the side, and shaped top.
In excellent near mint condition. Marked as made by Aurora Silver Co. and numbered #357.

This is quite a simple tootpick holder with a beaded edge.
marked Meriden Silverplate Co. 098 or 860

a toothpick holder in the form of a basket, unmarked as to maker.

this toothpick holder is supported by 3 fish/dolphin feet, marked Warren Silver Plate Co. NY 344.

This is a figural toothpick hodler in the form of a canon. Marked Aurora 333.

A toothpick holder in the form of a shoe, made by JB, known silverplate maker of 19th century.
(I also have a rabbit toothpick holder made by JB)

This figural toothpick holder takes the form of an acorn sitting on a branch and leaf of an oak tree.
Marked James W Tufts 3445

A super unique and lovely figural toothpick holder with an axe
wedged into a tree stump.
Marked Pairpoint Mfg. Co., no number.

This is a rather simple toothpick holder with a frog climbing up on one side and a lizard on the other.
Marked Webster & Co.. Cannot see a number.

2 x cute little figural toothpick holder.
looks like a sack with a  ribbon tied around the top.
marked Meriden B Company # 40
I have semi-matching Meriden item # 43 and 45 I think. See other listings. Girls/Boys. TK

This figuiral toothpick holder takes the shape of a champagne bucket with a lion's head on either side.
Marked Viners of Sheffield, England, Silverplated.

porcupine toothpick holder, in mint condition. This is the best I have ever seen. Marked Wilcox Silver Plate Co. 1900.

Another porcupine toothpick holder,  but marked Meriden B Company, with no number.
The tail and body are slightly different to the Wilcox porcupine above.

Another 2 porcupine toothpick holders, both marked Wilcox 1900.
Strangely enough they have the head spikes in different places.

As above, but marked Meriden B Company with no number.

As above. Meriden B Company, no number.

Another 2 as above. In excellent condition. Both marked Wilcox 1900.

One last one marked Wilcox 1900.