Here are my chick/wishbone figural toothpick holders.

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two wishbones on the side support this toothpick holder in the shape of a broken egg. There is a bend in one of the wishbone legs.
You rarely see this toothpick holder, probably because the wishbones get broken. Marked Merdien Silver Plate Co. 097.

  6 x A broken egg design and a small chick sit on a wisbone in this design.
One is marked 340, but not clear if there is a maker's mark.  In excellent aged condition.

This figural toothpick holder has a similar design to the one above but with a shallower
toothpick holder. this could conceiveably also be a salt cellar.

This toothpick holder is similar to the one above but the toothpick egg basket is lifted off the ground and the engraving is "just out". very funny. Maker not marked.

This toothpick holder is similar to the one above but the chick is on the small end of the wishbone. marked Barbour Silver Co.#22
Condition is excellent.

In this toothpick holder the chick sits on a leaf base next to a bucket shaped toothpick holder with a decorative edge.

2 or 3 (check?) x chick and wishbone design toothpick holders, with slightly different edging and engraving but both marked New Amsterdam Silver Co. 02.

2 x toothpick holder in the chick and wishbone design. Marked Royal Mfg. Co., one is numbered 1311-6 by hand.

2 x another  toothpick in the chick and wishbone design,  marked 346 quadruple plate, looks like manufacturers stamp did not come out too well.
I seem to have 7 of these types above (last 6)

Somewhat similar to the toothpick holder above, but the chick is on the other side of the holder and
the holder is decorated with dimples.
Marked 1728.

This has to be the creme de la creme of toothpick holders, with a lid.
Then, it could be a trinket box or perfume bottle holder.
Marked van Bergh Silver Plate Co. 150.

This is yet another figural chick toothpick holder. Boy, they must have been popular.
The chick in this example is a bit bigger.
It is marked Superior Silverplate Co., made in US America #7.

A similar shaped chcik to the one above with a wishbone underneath.
Marked Roigers & Bro 6105.

This is a most unusual chick figural toothpick holder.
The chick is standing on a wishbone next to the toothpick holder which is the shape of a broken egg,
but in this case the chick is facing away from the holder, and there are two eggs underneath the wishbone,
which makes it look like the chick is pulling the toothpick holder on a cart with the eggs acting as wheels.
The item is marked "38".

2 x A LARGE chick stands over a cup, peering into it, which serves as the toothpick holder.
Marked Meriden B Company #28. In excellent aged condition with lovely patina.
I also have a napkin ring which matches this and is made by Meriden B Company #228.

This toothpick holder has a large chick standing on a base next ro a holder decorated with a crown.
It is marked James W Tufts 2697.

3 x A hen pecks around the field (the base) next to a toothpick holder in the shape of a cracked egg with "picks" engraved on it.
Unmarked. BCK

This figural toothpick holder has the same chicken as in the one above,
 but now it sits on a rectangular base with the toothpick holder taking the shape of a barrel.
It is marked Aurora SP Mfg. Co. 332

This double figural toothpick holder has a hen on a leaf-like base with 2 cracked eggs connected nby a wishbone. Marked Derby Silver Company 2332. There might be soem extar leafy base that is now missing behind as there are some solder joins there. Sits well and dispalys well in any case, and quite a rare find to have a hen instead of a chick.

Unbelievable toothpick holder with two bowls, maybe one is a waste bowl. Looks to have been professionally resilvered. Made by Aurora Silverplate Co. #027(?, hard to read because of resilvering)

2 x A lovely designed toothpick holder with a chicks head protruding through the holder (note cracked appearance) which is in the form of a broken egg, all sitting on a wishbone.
Marked  Meriden B Company #63. One looks to have been gilded at one time perhaps when made as they did do this sometimes. BLK

As above, but no maker's mark, although engraved Mr & Mrs Lerin 1883, and later Anniversary 1908.

Another to
othpick holder as above.

This is a fabulous little toothpick holder with a chick actually just breaking out of an egg (the toothpick holder itself) and only 3 legs have emerged so far. Hilarious. Not marked as for maker or numbered. In near mint condition.

This one is just like the one above but the star pattern cut around the chick's head is different.
Condition is excellent with all feet and toes intact.

3 x I think this is more probably a bird rather than a chick, but I have nonetheless placed it in this category.
The same bird but a lot smaller is featured in a figural napkin ring made by Meriden B Company.
This toothpick holder is marked JB, "sign if its the best" 222. In great condition.

A small toothpick holder in the shape of a vase/bottle with a cherub sitting on the shoulder of the bottle and a chick's head protruding through the middle. Marked Derby Silver Co. 1312. Has some silverplate loss.

A most unusual early American toothpick holder made in brass (base) and bronze (toothpick holder and maybe the chick. Not marked.

This has to be seen to be believed. It is huge. The size of a huge mango.
It has a big chick or bird pulling a cart which is the toothpick holder.
It has a silverplate cup that sits inside.
It could be original but I am not sure.
I use to think that this item was made to hold an expensive perfume bottle
until I found this with the cup inside.
It is marked James Tufts 3052.
The toothpick holders by Tufts usually are in the 2000s.

This figural toothpick holder is shaped like a broken egg standing on a chicken's foot.
Unmarked as to maker or number.

This figural toothpick holder has two chicks standing on either side of the toothpick holder
all sitting on an ornate decorative pierced base.
Marked Van Bergh #8.
In excellent condition.

3 x A little bird/chick stands in front of a broken egg shell on base.
Marked Roger Smith & Co. 430
I actually have 3 of these. One not photographed.

2 x broken egg on an angle on a decorated base.
Cannot see ant marker mark. Excellent condition

A chicks head protudes from a large egg shaped holder, which is bigger tha normal, so may have been used for something else other than toothpicks (?).
The chick's legs stick out from the bootom onto a circular decorated base. There is a wishbone attached to the back.
Marked Superior Silver Plate Co. 59.