Figural toothpick holders with cherubs
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this toothpick holder has a cherub on a leaf next to it

This figural toothpick holder has a similar cherub with a different shaped holder (broken egg in this case)
and a different leaf/branch base.
Marked Derby Silver Co. 2337

 2 x zombie cherub walking next to an egg-shaped holder, Poole Silver Co. #28 LLK

a cherub sitting down holds the toothpick holder with a decorated edge on its back. MISSING !!

  Alarge cherub carries the toothpick holder on its back. Marked Barbour Silver Co, #10.

A large cherub holds the toothpick holder in front of for you to use.
made by W.M. Rogers Mfg Co. number 24.

A large cherub is holding onto a duck with the toothpick holder taking on the form of a cup.
Marked Stering Bronze Company, New York.
It has the number 19807 marked on the bottom, but this may be a date as this company is not noted for producing many figurals.
It is seems to also have the number 1 marked on the base as well.
Maybe this was this company's first figural.

A cherub sits calmly on a circular base next to the toothpick holder.
Marked Apollo Silver Co. 173.

2 x This figural toothpick holder has a HUGE cherub standing next to an inverted  top hat
which serves as the toothpick holder.
It is marked Meriden Silverplate Co. 084 and has a very typical
theme as other toothpick holders and figural napkin holders made by this company.
A top example.
The second one has an overstamped plate reading "A.F. Burbank special"
Alos marked 084 so probably made by meriden Silverplate Co as well, but probably sold by A.F. Burbank.

This is one of the best figural napkin rings you will ever see.
It has a cherub riding a turtle holding an umbella with holes in it for the toothpicks.
It is marked with a "P" in a diamond shape under one foot and numbered 193 under another foot.
Along the edge of the tutle underneath, it is mared "quadruple plate", "Pairpoint Mfg Co". In excellent original aged condition, well cared for.

As above. 

2 x A cherub holds an umbrella with holes in it for the toothpicks.
The cherub stands on a lovely gilt base and some gilt has been applied to the umbrella.
Marked WMF.

A cherub holds and artichoke above its head with holes in the artichoke for toothpicks.
Marked Simpson Hall Miller & Co. 37

A cherub and lizard addorn a toothpick holder shaped like a horn/cornupocia.
Marked Reed & Barton 588G (or 5880 or 5666).