Here are my figural cat or dog figural toothpick holders in my collection.

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This is one of the best figural toothpick holders you will find.
It has a large cat raised up to a toothpick holder in the form of a trophy/cup, all sitting on a highly decorative rectangular base.
It is in excellent condition wuth a nice patina.
Marked Tufts 3408. Tufts made some of the best toothpick holders.

This is a super rare figural toothpick holder. It has a dachsund which is also found in a figural napkin ring.
As with the figural napkin ring it is unmarked as to maker or number.

  4 x a pug dog sits next to a beaten arts and crafts decorated toothpick holder with one paw raised, marked Derby Silver Co. 2304.
The dog has glass eyes. All in excellent condition, all with lovely patina. The first 2 look like it may have been 'bronzed' or gilt when made.
Not sure as have not cleaned them well.

  2 x A pug dog sits next to a vase/bowl shaped toothpick holder decorated with dimples, marked Derby Silver Co. 2306.
The dog has brown glass eyes. The white in the eyes in the photo is just the flash. Overall in excellent condition.

 as above.

Another 2 dogs with glass etes toothpick holders like the 2 above. Marked Derby 2304 and 2306 as above.

This figural toothpick holder is similar to the ones above but the dog has no glass eyes
and the dog with a paw raised is on the other side of the holder.
Marked Acme Silver Co. 1729.

  2 x A pug dog stands alongside a large boot toothpick holder, marked Meriden B Company 42, very heavy.

a pug dog runs alongside a toothpick holder decorated with scenes, leaves and flowers, excellent condition with lovely patina.

a Collie or sheep dog stands/sits next to a toothpick holder with a shield, with Washington DC The Capitol, written on it, maker UN Co. (?), in very good condition, no plate loss, slight manufacturing 'tear' at back.

Similar to the one above but marked with Indianapoulis Philidelphia shield.  ????????????

Like the one above but without any souvenir shield. ????????????

This is a lovely little figural toothpick ot match holder with an angry dog (Pitbull perhaps?) sitting alongside the holder,
which seems to have been made of brass.
The dog appears to be silver plated as it has a nice rich dark patina, although this may not be evident in the photo.
The interesting thing about this holder is that it has a shield on the front for Youngs Pier, Atlantic City.
Youngs Pier burnt down in 1912, so this is something that survived that dreadful fire.
 Here is something from the New York Times.
The New York Times. March 30, 1912, Saturday ATLANTIC CITY, N. J., Saturday, March 30. -- Three firemen are dead, and Young's Pier and Theatre in this city have been totally destroyed by a fire which started soon after midnight this morning between the double floors of one of the dressing rooms back of the theatre stage. Because of the impossibility of getting the fire apparatus on the pier to work, the flames gained great headway...

This is figural toothpick holder has the same angry dog (Pitbull or bulldof) but without the shield in front as in the one above.
Otherwise it is identical.

3 x a lovely dog (not sure of type) stands next to a toothpick holder decorated with a crown design on the top,
in excellent condtion, slight bend at top, marked James Tuft 2692.
The bands on the toothpick holders are slightly different on each of them.

  4 x A lovely little dog with glass eyes holds a bone in on paw and sits next to a toothpick holder similar to the one above.
Marked James Tufts 2693, so must have been the next in the series.

This figural toothpick holder has the same dog as the one above,
 plus another dog which figures in other holders.
It is marked James W Tufts 2596. 

2 x This figural toothpick holder has the same dag as in the toothpick holder above but with a different holder.
It is marked James W Tufts 2694 so was the next in the series to the one above which is number 2693.
One has a simulated bronze like finish. The holder looks like a woven basket.
A figural napkin ring with the same dog is shown in Gottschalk & Whitson's book "Figural Napkin Rings: Collector's Identification and Value Guide, on page 23, plate 41.
valued it at $200-$350 in 1996
One looks to be marked 2684. ?? An error perhaps.

2 x A lovely dog figural toothpick holder with a pug dog running alongside the toothpick holder, which a row of fret work of flowers at the top.
Marked James W Tufts 2696.

A lovely dog figural toothpick holder with a hunting dog standing alongside the toothpick holder, which is decorated with flowers and leaves. 
Marked James W Tufts 3416.

  4 x This is a lovely figural toothpick holder with a pug dog alongside a toothpick holder tied with a rope and ribbon.
Marked Rogers & Bro, Triple Plate # 45.
There is a symbol that looks like a zero after the number 45 but I am quite sure it should be number 45 only.
I have seen this marked 45 only before.
One is missing the chain.

  3 x a lovely dog (not sure of type) stands next to a toothpick holder decorated on the top edge.
Both in excellent condtion, unmarked but guaranteed antique/authentic.
The latter one seems to have been bronzed over the silverplate at some time. I do know that some were made/sold like this.

an apprehensive  dog seems to be gurading the toothpick holder. made by WMF Germany. in excellent condition. I also have a knife rest with the same dog, also made by WMF. The toothpick holder is marked with the WMF symbol, plus a letter "p".

A bulldog stands aling side a toothpick holder in the form of a bucket with a copper handle.
This may actually be a salt holder. Marked Monarach Silver Co. 012.

This is a very rare figural toothpick holder with is made by Simpson Hall Miller and Co and
has their trademarks all over it. The dog appears in a figural napkin ring next to a doghouse and the
wooden slats in a figural napkin ring where a boy is riding a horse.
marked SHM&Co. # 21

2 x This toothpick holder has a large staffie dog holding a top hat with its mouth which acts as the toothpick holder.
One has a bronze type finish (or painted brown) whereas the other a pewter finish (unplated).
My guess is that as they were not silverplated they were used as match holders.
The bottom of the holder is covered with a tin metal plate, which is normal for this piece.
It stands just under 4 inches (or 10 cms) to the top of the dog's head.

There is a 'matching' figural napkin ring, made by Simpson, Hall, Miller & Co. #014, shown below.

This is an absolute huge toothpick holder with a poodle dog holding a hat in its mouth to act as teh toothopick holder.
 It is not marked but I do know it is authentic as I have seen it before.
It is gold plated, but I do not know if it was made so when it was made in the 1870s (they did gold plate things too) or if it was plated more recently because the whole item is in near mint condition.

This dog figural toothpick holder is similar to the one above.
It is quite large and has a dog hodkler out a top hat with it's arms. Unmarked. made with a bronze type finish.

This figural toothpick holder or match holder has a large St bernard (?) dog stand next to a small decorated holder.
Unmarked. Seems to have been gilded when made but mostly worn off.

This figural toothpick holder has a playful dog, possibly barking,
on an oval base with two boots and a cane/walking stick.
Marked Ree & Barton 285.
Schnadig's book shows some figural toothpick holders, but this one does not appear in his book. It is quite rare.

this one is a bit different. The dog has glass eyes and holes in its haed for the toothpicks.
It may be maked but hard to read. it also look like the dog may have had more of a coat but has worn. Definitely very old and unusual.