Here are my bird figural toothpick holders.


a parrot or cockatoo sits on a perch next to a crown decorated toothpick holder. Marked Jmaes Tufts 2694.

An eagle sits on top of a odd shapped toothpick holder. Inscibed :Looking for a Pick?", referring to the eagle.
Marked as made by Homan Silverplate Co. #68

This figural toothpick holder has some similarities to the one above, with a bird perched on top of the holder.
It also has a vine of leaves and flowers running from thr bird to the base.
Marked Barbour Silver Co. 28.

Two birds are perched high on the toothpick holder on the side handles, with lizards on either side.
Marked Stix & L'Allemand #3. They are not well known so probably only made a few pieces.

A small owl stand beside an egg shaped toothpick holder. Marked as made by The Acme Silver Co. and numbered 1455.

2 x This figural toothpick holder has an owl sitting on a branch next to the toothpick holder. It is maked Aurora SP Mfg Co #330.
Top one, in excellent condition with a darkish patina.

An owl sits on a branch with decorative leaves and flowers. Marked Barbour Silver Co. 2752

a bronzed owl with wings out forms the main part of this toothpick holder, in excellent condition, unmarked.

This figural toothpick holder has a duck (I think) breaking out of an egg.
The detail is extraordinary. The lid lifts up and the inside is where the toothpick are stored.
It is silverplate. There are some markings on the metal base that look like "100", not sure.
The detailed silverplate figural sits on a stone base and there is a nut holding it together.
I did try to unscrew this but without luck. I wanted to see if the makers mark maybe on the silverplate underneath.
Absolutely wicked one-of item.

a lovely tilted shaped toothpick holder  'resting' on a small eagle or pheasant, marked Barbour Silver Co. #23.
In near mint condition.  Has the typiclal base used by the Barbour Silver  Co. (see cherub napkin rings and cherub toothpick holders).