Here are the figural 'animal' toothpick holders in my collection (including owls, rabbits, squirrels etc).



Two rabbit figural toothpick holders.
One on left is umarked as to maker but was marked by the owner, then removed his name by subsequent owner.
This rabbit is typical of a rabbit used my Pairpoint Mfg. Co. in a figural napkin ring.
One on right is marked "JB signifies the best 220".
This one is pictured in Schnadig's book.
Both in good aged condition. Some plate loss to one on right, on face of toothpick holder as shown.

This figural toothpick holder or match holder has a rabbit with a brass holder inserted in its back.
It is shown in book
Heacock "1000 Toothpicks" page 94, #821

A lovely flared flower top shaped and ribbed toothpick holder with a rabbit alongside. Marked The Canada Plating Co Montreal #225.
In very good condition.

This is a lovely figural toothpick holder with a rabbit at the side.
Marked Meriden B Company 55

3 x This is a beautiful rabbit toothpick holder, with leaves hanging over the back of the rabbit
and a tree trunk forming the toothpick holder.
It is marked Simpson Hall Miller & Co., #33. It excellent condition with great patina.

A WMF toothpick holder with a rabbit next to a toothpick holder with a scolled edge.

Another WMF figural toothpick holder with a rabbit standing on its hind legs next to the toothpick holder all on a cicular base.

In this figural toothpick holder a rabbit walking with a walking-stick carries a basket on its back.
made by WMF.

A WmF figural toothpick holder with 2 rabbits, mum and baby, and mum is holding an umbrella which holds the toothpicks.

This is a rare squirrel figural toothpick holder. For some reason squirrels were
not used much in toothpick holders. The squirrel sits next to a large
round fluted bowl shaped a bit like a bit sack. It is engraved
"Give me a tooth" followed by an image of a pick. Hence toothpick, but
playing on the squirrel would like a tooth as well, to eat its nuts. haha.

Another squirrel figural toothpick holder. The squirrel sits on a branch which goes underneath
the holder which has a jagged edge to it. marked rogers Bros. 77.

A squirrel with glass eyes is playing a horn next to a dumpled toothpick holder.
Marked Meriden B Company 54. There is a napkin ring similar to this marked MB Co. 281

A cute donkey/mule stand next to the toothpick holder which is decorated with leaves.
Unmarked as to maker, plating in excellent condition, with gilt/gold plated inside.

This tootpick holder has a donkey carrying 2 baskets on either side, on a circular base.
This theme is quite common with some not so old Mexicain or Peruvian toothpick holders but this one is an antique made by WMF Germany.
In excellent condition with a nice darkish patina. It is marked WMF.

This is an antique American figural toothpick holder with a sadlled donkey on the side.
The figural napkin ring corresponding to this toothpick holder is shown in G&W. See extra photo above. 

This figural toothpick holder has a buffalo standing next to teh toothpick holder. Maker and number not marked.
It looks like it originally has a copper of bronze finish applied to it and may have been a match holder as the base has concentric cirlces.
The copper finish may show up after a good clean. Very unique and rare to have figurals with a buffalo.

2 x This is an absolute beauty. A monkey with a walking stick carries a basket (toothpick holder) on its back.
The left hand of the monkey is made with a hole in it so you can put a toothpick or match in its hand.
It is marked Meriden B Company #2.
In excellent aged condition with original patina. The detail on this toothpick holder is staggering.

This figural toothpick holder is very similar to the above but made by Meriden B Company and has the production number 1.
In the second one also marked Meriden B Company #1 the monkey is seen to be holding a lamp in it's left hand. The second one has lost a lot of it's silverplate above.

One more number 2

This figural toothpick holder has a monkey dressed in worker's clothes carrying a bucket on his back.
Marked James W Tufts 2645

2 x this toothpick holder has a (polar) bear next to it, pictured in Schnadig's book, not sure about the polar bear tag he gives it though, think it looks more like a grizzly bear, marked Meriden Silverplate Co. 082.
The first one is in excellent aged condition.
The second had lost all of its silverplate and was pewter/Britannia metal before I had it replated in copper.
The plating is not perfect, as it is hard to adhere precious metals onto pewter.
There are before and after pictures of the one that was replated.

This figural toothpick holder has the same bear as in the item above except that
the bar is next to a tree stump, and is facing towards teh holder instead of away as in the above.
This is marked Meriden Silverplate Co. 085, close in number to the one above.

This figural toothpick holder has two bears on either side of the holder, with "Take Your Pick engraved on the front of the holder.
It is marked WR 347.
The firm was founded in the 1890s by Wm. A. Rogers a small storekeeper of New York using the "(R) ROGERS (R)" trademark from c. 1901 and the "1881 (R) ROGERS (R)" from c. 1910. The firm succeeded the Niagara Silver Co. (c. 1904) and bought Simeon L. & Geo. H. Rogers Co. in 1918. The firm was an Ontario corporation active in New York and North Hampton, MA, when was bought by Oneida in 1929

A bear with rifle toothpick holder.
The holder is engraved and it has a beaded like edge.
This one is also unmarked as to the maker.
There is a figural napkin ring featured like this bear in G&W on page 48.

A bear comes forth with the toothpick holder behind. Marked Pairpoint 3705.
This base is extensively used in other figurals by pairpoint.

This is an amazing very detailed silverplate toothpick holder in the form of a bear with holes in its back,
 where one can place the toothpick.
It is a genuine 19th century piece and is marked 220.
I am pretty certain it is an American piece, probably made by Meriden B Company.
I cannot find a makers name on it. It has a fantastic dark patina. It is at least 3 inches long.  

2 x This figural toothpick holder has a relatively large mouse or rat alongside the toothpick holder which is shaped like a big bowl.
It is marked Derby Silver Co. 2308. The detail on the mouse is extraordinary.

4 x This figural toothpick holder has a sack with a rat looking at it, all on a tray.
It is engraved "This is the Rat That ate the Malt", and is marked as being made by Pairpoint Mfg. Co. 3708

Quite similar to the one above with a tray typically used by Pairpoint Mfg. Co. is a mouse on the tectured tray with a barrel.
Marked Pairpoint Mfg. Co. 1953.
This could conceivably also be a match holder with the tectured surface acting as a stike.

This is a fabulous/cute figural toothpick holder which has a fawn/baby deer next to a toothpick holder with a wavy flared edging.
It is marked Rockford Silver P. Co. # 49. In excellent condition.

A deer or fawn stand next to a barrel shaped toothpick holder. 
Marked Rockford Silver Plate Co. 40.

2 x This is a fabulous figural toothpick holder with a very detailed goat.
Marked Meriden B Company 41.
In mint condition.

a small fox runs alongside a toothpick holder decorated with leaves and flowers, excellent condition with lovely patina.

This has got to be one of the best toothpick holders I has ever seen.
It comprises a large elephant, marked Reed & Barton 295, in excellent condtion, just marvelous.

A fabulous toothpick holder in the shape of a canon, with a fox peering over the top to see what is inside.
Marked Reed and barton 272. This piece has been painted with a silver aluminium paint. Needs to be stripped off.
There is another similar toothpick holder
(WHICH I DO NOT HAVE), also made by Reed & Barton (I don't know the number),
with the same cannon but with a boy lighting the fuse on the canon (see pic below).

In this figural toothpick holder a fox (or wolf) stands on a hexagonal base dressed in gentleman's clothes with hat and all
holding an umbrella, which holds the toothpicks in the holes.
Some repairs have been made to this. As you can see there is a rod coming up into the bottom of the fox.
I believe this was added to stabilise the fox. To make this effective the bottom (underneath that is) has been filled with metal so it is impossible for me to read the maker or number on this. I have not found another one like it to identify it.  

what a fabulous design for a toothpick hodler. shows a large frog pulling along a shell with a fly sitting on the back of the shell. The frog actually has red glass eyes. It is not marked as for maker or numbered. Guaranteed authenic and original. The frog has one damage eye (glass cracked, and is missing one foot, but this is a wonderful and very rare figural toothpick holder.

This figural toothpick holder has a frog standing up next to an urn shaped holder.
Marked Reed & Barton 350. Rare!

2 x This is a rare figural toothpick holder with a pig next to a barrel on a decorated base typicl of Piarpoint Mfg. Co.
Marked Pairpoint 3704