Here are some photographs of my sterling silver figural napkin rings and toothpick holders:

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monkey with unusual shaped napkin ring (not damaged or swashed), marked 800 with some maker's mark that I cannot make out.

This figural napkin ring is not marked as far as I can see but is silver (900 or 800 like one above).
It has a cat on top.

This figural napkin ring is not marked as far as I can see but is silver (900 or 800 like one above).
It has a dolphin or devil fish on top.

A lovely sterling silver figural napkin ring with a greyhound in flight holding the napkin holder in the centre of its body.
Near mint condition. Has a very fine tail.
Dated 1936 out of Birmingham and made by Henry Griffith & Sons Ltd

As above but the napkin holder is nicely engraved/chased. Hallmarked is a bit rubbed.
Hard for me to make out by probably Birmingham 1930's

Yet another greyhound in flight sterling silver figural napkin ring as the 2 above.
This one is marked "C.W. ", Sheffield 1925.
From my research I believe it is Charles William Fletcher and the F (should have been C.W.F) did not come out properly when stamped. 

This rare sterling silver figural napkin ring is similar to the ones above. The ring forms the body of a greyhound as in teh other rings but is older than them. The ring is also hand chased  leaves and flowers. The work is quite intictae and detailed. It is marked as made in Sheffield in 1895. The maker's mark is a bit unclear, not rubbed but not applied properly. I am guessing it is HA. The H is definite. in that case it was made by Harry Atkin.The firm traces its establishment to Thomas Law in mid 18th century. It was succeeded by Henry Atkin and John Oxley trading as Atkin, Oxley & Co. In 1840 Henry Atkin continued the trade as Henry Atkin & Co at 32 Howard Street, Sheffield. After his death, his brothers Harry Wrigth Atkin, Edward Thomas Atkin and Frank Shaw Atkin continued the business as Atkin Brothers. The firm was converted in 1925 into a limited liability company under the style of Atkin Brothers (Silversmiths) Ltd. In 1958 the flatware business was sold to C J Vander of London and the holloware business to Adie Brothers of Birmingham.

Yet another greyhound figural napkin ring with the same greyhound theme. It seems to have been quite popular.
The napkin ring is hallmarked H.G&S, sterling silver, Birmingham, 1931.
The maker is Henry Griffith & Sons, who operated from Birmingham in the first half of the 20th century.
The figural napkin ring weighs 38 gms

Yet another greyhound sterling silver figural napkin ring.
A beautiful English hallmarked silver napkin ring styled as a racing greyhound dated 1924
 out of Birmingham and maked
WJM over &Co into a shield
which is WJ Myatt &Co. Ltd. The ring weighs 32 gms.

Yet another greyhound sterling silver figural napkin ring.
This is maked as made by R.P in a shield which is Robert pringle & Sons.
The hallmark is for Chester 1910. This is the oldest in this design.

This is a lovely Gorham USA sterling silver figural napkin ring,
 with 2 squirrels on either side of an oval shaped engraved and shaped napkin ring sitting on a pedestal.
Marked as made in 1871, number 665

A figural sterling silver napkin ring like the one above also made by Gorham USA.
Marked STERLING and dated 1869.

This sterling silver figural napkin ring has a bird on top of a very detailed napkin holder with embossed leaves.
It is marked Ford & Tupper Sterling and according to references is made in 1866.

bull napkin ring, marked made by R. S. & Co. Birmingham, rampant lion passant (sterling), 1920

elephant sterling silver napkin ring, made J.S. & S Birmingham 1904

otter sterling silver napkin ring, made by E.M.A. & Co (?), Birmingham 1923 (?)

cherub sterling silver napkin ring, made by R.Bs, Birmingham 1923

giraffe sterling silver napkin ring, made by W.H. (walker & Hall ?), Birmingham 1924, also numbered 7.

jester or farmer (?) with 2 ducks sterling silver napkin ring, made by J.S., Birmingham 1907

sterling silver napkin ring adored with cherub faces, wings and scrolls, made by S.B. Birmingham 1901

2 cameo sterling silver (American coin silver) cameo napkin rings. 

2 American sterling silver napkin rings in the form of lily pads, marked with a W and lion passant, and numbered 258. good weight.

sterling silver napkin ring in the form of carry basket, marked JWR sterling.

sterling silver toothpick holder in shape of urn, marked La Pierre sterling 63A

one small sterling silver umbrella shaped toothpick holder, marked sterling Hennden...? 925 D.F.
one larger sterling silver umbrella shaped toothpick holder, marked made in Mexico sterling 925.

A lovely sterling silver figural toothpick holder in the shape of a woven basket (with handles and very detailed).
Unmarked, but guaranteed sterling silver and an absolute Victorian gem.

This is a lovely copper and sterling silver figural toothpick holder which takes the form of a reinforced wooden barrel.
It is monogrammed, and marked Sterling and other metals C52 on the bottom. 

This figural toothpick hodler has a Turkish man carrying a basket on his back. Mrake 800. belived to be German or possibly from Portugal.

A sterling silver toothpick holder in the shape of a victory/trophy cup. Marked Gorham sterling 1110.

A sterling silver bowl-shaped toothpick holder with a swirling rib pattern. Made by Gorham 1893.

German 800 grade silver toothpick holder, has lots of other marks I will make out on request at later date.

A fabulous large 19th century Spanish figural toothpick holder in sterling silver (weighs 264 gms), depicking a boy playing on a swing. The toothpick sit on or form a fence around the boy. Hallmarked.

2 x Toothpick holder where a donkey or mule carries two baskets on either side. Marked 800 silver, probably Mexican origin. Nice patina on one.

This is a faboulous sterling silver toothpick holder in the shape of a boot, marked LOADED STERLING, and inscribed NS 1879-1904.

A lovely sterling silver toothpick holder in the form of a garbage bin. Marked "Sterling, Pat. Pend"

A lovely footed figural napkin ring in the shape of a heart. It is marked "Sterling",
and engarved "For Faithful Service17-3-03", and monographed "THH" (?).
Because of the order of the date I would say it is Australian. In excellent condition.

2 x napkin ring holders in the form of baskets, marked Lunt Sterling 1197, in excellent condition.
[Sorry, photographs are a bit out of focus.]

absolutely stunning salt and pepper shakers made by Apollo Silver Co., marked sterling

 a fabulous sterling silver leave design dish. Marked with an eagle and "STERLIBG WB 120". In excellent condition.

 a lovely small sterling silver dog figural napkin ring. marked "Sterling Portugal". In excellent condition.

This is a lovely silver (sterling or 800 - not tested yet) toothpick holder which has a boy standing on a pedestal with a tothpick holder on his back.
It is marked "GK" (probably the maker), and 2 "C"'s. There is also another mark that I am unable to determine/identify. 
It looks to be German in origin but there is no moon/crown mark or a silver purity mark. It is close to 6 inches tall.

This is a VERY rare and fabulous antique American figural toothpick holder c1870,
 which has a
 giraffe standing next to a vase shaped toothick holder with a wavy and beaded edge.
The item has very fine in detail and is definitely American. 
It is hallmarked in bottom. "B.J." or "R.J" or "R.I" or "B.I" and "900", which is coin silver, compared to sterling silver which is 925.