Here are my figural napkin rings with a sport or military theme.


3 x A lovely figural napkin ring with crochet mallets in pyramid shape with two leaves hanging from the top, marked Derby Silver Co. 302.
Shown in the book by Gottschalk and Whitson, "Figural Napkin Rings: Collectors Identification and Value Guide" on page 290 in plate 719. They valued it at $200 to $350 in 1996. AHH

A lovely figural napkin ring with curling balls and brooms. Marked Meriden B Company 648.

This figuarl napkin ring has ice hockey sticks crossed with a wreath in the middle on both sides
of a triangular shaped napkin holder. It is marked Meriden B Company 643.
The edge of the holder is also beaded and the holder sits on 4 ball feet. In near mint condition.

  3x napkin ring with two tennis rachets and two balls in crossed design, marked on handle M.B. Co. 310

This figural napkin ring is similar to teh one above but has a different ring (napkin holder). It is also marked Meriden B Company 310. It is marked on the ring and not the handle of the tennis raquets as the one above. If any one of these was not authentic it would be this one possibly, as the makers mark and number are on the ring, but it is authentic as it is shown in the book G&W.

Yet another tennis figural napkin ring with a racquet and a ball. Unmarked as to maker.

Similar to the one above but this one has a branch which connects then end of the
racquet to the ring. Unmarked.

This figural napkin ring has a tennis player with raquet. Marked Meriden B Company 284.

2 x A woman/lady stands with tennis racquet next to a ring with a wavy edge.
Meriden B Company 283, in sequel with one above.
It is shown in the book by Gottschalk and Whitson, "Figural Napkin Rings: Collectors Identification and Value Guide" on page 287 in Plate 710.
They valued it at under $500 and up in 1996. 

This napkin ring is very rare.

This figural napkin ring has a horse jockey holding a saddle on a very decorated base. It is as if he is doing a weigh-in after the race. It is absolutely stunning even though it is an English and not an American ring. It is marked W.W.H & Co EP. The maker is hence William Wheatcroft Harrison, Montgomery Works, Pepper Alley, Fargate (1857-1883), 230 Rockingam St. (1884-1911), Arundel St., Sheffield (1912-1918). London Wharehouse at 99 Hatton Garden. I believe it was made in the period 1884 to 1911.

This is an English figural napkin ring (they are quite rare as most were American). Maked PT& Co. S Sheffield. I have traced the hallmark to Pryor Tyzack & Co. Sheffield. The company was active at Granville St (Sheffield) from 1860-1861 and at 80 Division St from 1862-1863. In 1863 the firm changed to Beame Pryor & Tyzack. That means that this napkin ring is c1860-1863, which puts it before the first American figural napkin rings which were started arounf 1867, although the precise date is not known. The condition is near mint.

3 x a fabulous napkin ring held up by 4 rifles. Marked Rogers Smith & Co. Meriden 335. In excellent condition.
This FNR is shown in G&W on page 246 in plate 599.

This FNR is similar to the one above but has a different pattern on the ring.
Definitely old and authentic.
Marked Eagle Plating Co. 5443.

Similar to the one above bit this one has a pressed shapped ring.

2 x This FNR with 4 rifles is similar to the one above but has a different ring/napkin holder.
It is unmarked as to maker and number.
This FNR is not shown in G&W and is much rarer than the one above.
Top in near mint condition. Second very good.

An unusually shaped ring with 2 supporting rifles. Unmarked to maker or number.
Shown in G&W page 246 plate 600

This figural napkin ring is addoened by saddle bags and swords remaniscent of the American Civil War c1850



A lovely LARGE military napkin ring with horns aswords on the sides of the elevated napkin ring with a hat/cap sitting underneath the napkin ring. Marked  Meriden Silver Plate Co. #288. In excellent condition.

This figural napkin ring has a bow and a quiver of arrows next to an engraved ring on an octagonal star shaped base.
Marked Derby Silver Co. 316. Similar shown in G&W page 259, different design and maker.

A man sits on a tabbogan, Wilcox Silver Plate Co. 4343 SKH

A woman sits on a tabbogan. Wilcox Silver Plate Co. 4342

3 x This is a fabulous VERY RARE Victorian figural napkin ring, with a Victorian lady in the appropriate wear on a toboggan/sled.
The ring is marked as having been made by F.B. Rogers Silver Co. and is marked #273. It is c1870-1890.
This napkin ring is shown in 
the book "Figural Napkin Rings: Collector's Identification and Value Guide", by Gottschalk and Whitson (G&W), on page 294, plate 729....see photo.
It is very rare....all sports napkin rings are very rare, 
sought-after, and always command a premium price.
F. B. Rogers Silver Co. was a silversmithing company founded in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts in 1883.
It was acquired by Edmund W. Porter and L.B. West, who incorporated the company and moved manufacturing operations to Taunton, Massachusetts in 1886.
For several years, the company became known as West Silver Company, and was producing silver products for the William Rogers Manufacturing Company of Hartford, Connecticut.
I actually have 4 of this example. The fourth is under people/females.

just a lovely traiangular shaped napkin ring with ball feet and a highly decorated edging with a maple leaf "The Forever" inscribed on it. Makes me think this ring has something to do with Canada and some war of sorts. There is a very similar ring like this pictured in Gottschalk and Whitson's book on page 246, but with beaded edging and crossed swords. In the book it says that this ring was produced by the Meriden branch in Canada as a souvenir of Canada. I guess the same applies to this ring. This ring is stamped C. Weeton Mfg Co., Warranted and EPBM, electro-plated britania metal, which what the napkin rings of the late 19th century were made of. This napkin ring here is in near mint/mint condition, just a tiny bit of tarnish, well kept.

This is the other napkin ring i was talking about above. It is the one pictuerd in G&W. It is marked Meriden B Company 642.

Another pair of each of the above.
The first ring has a maple leaf on each side of a traingular ring, with alos the insciption "The Forever". 
This one is marked Totonto Silver plate Co. 25.
It is shown in the book by Gottschalk and Whitson, in plate 601 on page 246. They valued it at $200 in 1996.
Second ring is marked as made by Meriden B Company and has the number 642.
It is shown in the book by Gottschalk and Whitson, in plate 601 on page 246. They valued it at $200.

Circa 1880 Baseball Player Silver Plated Figural Napkin Ring by Pairpoint Mfg.
Amazingly rare figural napkin ring in the form of a baseball player preparing to pitch with ball in hand in a turn-of-the-century uniform standing against napkin holder,
naturalistic base with bat propped on glove.
Measuring 3" in height and weighing seven ounces in weight, the silver plated NM piece is marked "Pairpoint Mfg. Co., New Bedford Mass, P Quadruple Plate, 83."
Sold for $3300 in 2014 (20% premium). See below. CHHH