Here are my figural open salts and pepper pots, not including the combination napkin ring sets which are listed separately.


These are just fabulous.
They were made as pepper pots because salt was generally served in open salt containers in the late 19th century,
although some salt pots were also made.
The boy and girl in this pair also figure in figural napkin rings.
The pepper pots above are made by Meriden B Company and have the numbers 73 and 72 respectively. 
The boy is in excellent condition and from the smell of the inside was used as a pepper pot.
The girl is in good condition, but not as good as the boy, and I suspect it was used as a salt pot at sometime, probably in the 20th century.
It has a touch of corrosion which is expected.

Another pair. Both authentic.

This is a fabulous figural pepper pot with a large chick (or bird) standing on a circular base.
Marked Meriden B Company #59. In excellent condition.

  2 x This pepper pot has an owl with glass eyes. the maker or number is not marked,
but the exact same owl appears on two figural napkin ring made by Apollo Silver Co..
In one of these rings the owl is pulling along a cart with wheels.
you could use these as a salt and pepper set 

This owl pepper pot is similar to the ones above but not identical. Unmarked.

This is a little ripper. A parrot pepper shaker.
It is quite small comaped to the others. The parrot has glass eyes.
Th maker's mark underneath is tiny too.
Marked Meriden Silverplate Co. 778
The detail is just astonishing, especially for size. 

This is a most unusual figural salt with a gold plated opper cup sitting inside a circular frame supported by 3 men you usually find holding a globe in figurals. I think I have a toothpick holder like this. the makers name is not marked but it has the production/design number 2805. I also have a knife rest with the same figure.

Two absolutely fabulous salt & pepper shakers in the form of a pug dog in a boot and a cat in a boot. they are not marked as to the maker.
These shakers date to approx. 1884 (according to Peterson's book "Salt and Salt Shakers"); they measure 3" tall and are in excellent condition with original dark patina.
The same dog and cat figure in many figural napkin rings. Both have glass eyes.

Two very similar pug dog with glass eyes pepper pots.
One is marked 781 with a screw on head to the pepper pot.
It is hard to make out if the other one is marked. It has a tight push-in head to the dog.
The glass eyes are also a bit different.

A fabulous bear pepper pot.
Marked meriden B Company 9.

This is a fabulous design for a salt and pepper set, with the salt and pepper pots sitting inside holders to look like a pair of binoculars.
Marked Aurora SP Mfg Co 380.
I think I have seen a similar item produced by Reed and Barton.
I believe these are c1890 and so must have been one of the first sets actually made with a salt pot as
previously salt was served from an open container.

A very unique design for a pepper pot taking the form of a baby girl with a rimmed hat sitting down.
Marked E.G.Webster & Bro. without a number. 

A school boy sitting on a book is smoking a pipe. Marked E. G Webster & Bro.
Number hard to read as other marks on bottom.

This is an amazing open salt which takes the form of a dig pulling a cart.
Marked Rogers & Bro 159.
Still with original glass salt insert.

This one of the most amazing opoen salts I have ever seen..
It has a boy (maybe a sailor at that) pushing or pulling a cart.
This could also have been made a perfume bottle holder. 
Marked James W Tufts 3065

This is an open salt crane underneath with flowers and leaves.
Marked Simpson Hall Miller & Co. 043.
It has a cobalt blue salt insert.
Once again this may have been made as a perfume bottle holder or even a vase holder.

A lovely pair of bird salt and pepper pots.
Very detailed and c1900 but I cannot loctae a maker's mark or number.

A lovely pair of pheasant salt and pepper pots.
marked WB Mfg. Co. (USA)
These are actually quite stunning.

These two are very similar to the above pair but maked SP (in a shield) 1035

This beautiful pair of birds on a branch salt and pepper set is marked W.B. Mfg. Co. 121.

This is a slightly larger set of bird salt and pepper shakers.
They are gold plated.
Marked F.B. Rogers Silver Co. 46
Founded in 1883 at Shellburne Falls, Ma, moved to Taunton in 1886.

This little open salt in the form of a lily pad with an open flower is marked Meriden B Company 31.