Here are my figural pocket watch holders.

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This looks like a pocket watch holder but I am not sure. Has a jockey and a horse.
Marked L. Hart and something on coin.
It might just be a paperweight.

I think this is a pocketwatch holder as it has a piece wire sticking out where you may hang a watch.
The item has a cherub sharpening a spear on a wheel. Btw, the wheel turns.
I cannot see any makers name or number.
Looks like it had a post in front of the wheel and maybe something else it fitted on top of.
Unuusal. Genuinely old and authentic.

This pocketwatch holder has a monkey dressed in a suit and hat holding a staff stick with a hook on the end to hold the pocketwatch.
Maker and number not marked.

This is a ripper pocketwatch holder. It has a jockey attending to a horse.
Marked Wilcox Silverplate Co. 01756

This pocketwatch holder has a knight holding a speer with a hook at the top where the watch hangs. 
Marked Derby Silver Co. 2.

I believe this was made as a pocket watch holder, as there is a wire that seems to have broken coming out from the side of the branch/leaf on the RHS.
It has a Kate Greenaway boy standing proud with a hoop behind him.
Marked Simpson, Hall, Miller & Co. 509.

This pocket watch holder has a boy crawling around on a base looking at a bee. The pocket watch hook is high above.
It is marked Meriden Silverplate Co. 1023