Here are some of my figural paperweights.

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This paperweight has a cute little pig standing on an oval shaped base. It is marked with a bee on a flower symbol and numbered 1149.
The symbol stands for the Benedict Mfg Co Syracues NY. Accordong to the hallmark, it dates to the 1880s.

This paperweight also has a pig.
Marked Pairpoint Mfg. Co. 2428

This paperweight has an American eagle perched on a rock on a detailed decorative base.
It is marked Reed & Barton. The silverplate has a slight bronze like finish to it, which might just be tarnish.

This paperweight has a dachshund.
Marked Homan Silverplate Co. 14 Special Metal.

This might be more of a scuptural/figural centrepiece/statue or a paperweight.
It has two hunting dogs, maybe one is a bloodhound. It is marked Wilcox Silverplate Co. 2205

This lopvely statue or paperweight has a greyhound or whippet standing on a rocky base.
Marked Wilcox Silverplate Co 2204, so preceeds the one above.
In excellent condition with great patina, although a little bit of the tail at the end may be missing.

This is absolutely fabulous. It has a large hunting dog with a bird in its mouth.
Marked Pairpoint Mfg Co. 31. It is about 5 inches high and very heavy.
You can see a large figural napkin ring along side it, showung you how big it is.

This is a marvelous figural depicting a bull tied to a post by its horns. It is marked Rogers Silverplate (? hard to read) Co. New Haven, Conn.
This figure actually appears as a sketch on page 82 of Victor Schnadig's book "American Victorian Figural Napkin Rings"

Two bulldogs or pug dods running alongside each other.
I am not sure what this was, as there is no sign that a napkin ring or toothpick hodler was attached.
Unmarked with a great dark patina. the dogs legs are bent out of shae. It may well be a paperweight or a just a sculpture.

This is a fabulous Kate Greenaway girl paperweight, made of bronze, not Britannia metal.
It is very heavy.