Here are my owl figural napkin rings. 


An owl standing on some branches and leaves in front of a napkin ring, marked Middletown 112

An owl stands on the stem of a leaf (which forms the base) next to a napkin ring engraved with flowers and berries. The ring is a bit bent out of shape but otherwise in excellent condition.
Marked Van Bergh Silver Plate Co. #66 (or could be 99, I guess)

This figural napkin ring is similar to the one above but here the owl sits on a leafy branch base.
Marked Derby Silver Co. 313. In excellent condition.

A lovely figural napkin ring with an owl (with glass eyes) standing out front on a sold bar (which must also serve as a knife rest).
Not seen very often. Marked 01572. Probably a Wilcox or Derby mark as they used numbers like this.

This is a lovely owl and violin napkin ring with the insription "A Owld Friend".
Condition is near mint. Looks to have been professionally resilvered.
Marked Wilcox Silverplate Co. 4394.
This napkin ring was also made by Meriden and Rogers & Bro. with the same number.
Even though it was made by a few silversmiths, it is quite rare, especially in the excellent condition this one is in.

2 x In this figural napkin ring an owl sits on a wishbone which sits under the holder/ring.
Marked van Bergh Silver Plate Co. 89. Hard to make number out on one of them.

In this figural napkin ring a 'wise' owl stands on top of a book next to a shaped ring.
Marked meriden B Company 282. I might have listed one on ebay.

This figural napkin ring has a large owl with glass eyes (yellow and black),
standing next to a beaded ring. The owl is standing on a wodeen perch.
The cartouche is unmarked, and the maker and number are unmarked as well.
It is shown in G&W on page 122 in plate 294.

2xx This is another owl figural napkin ring with glass eyes.
In this one the ring forms the body of the owl.
There are similar napkin rings with glass eyes and the ring as the body for a cat, dog and a fox, and maybe others.
It is not marked to maker or number, as also noted in G&W in plate 285 on page 119.

This figural napkin ring has an owl standing next to a ring with bumpy edges.
Maker and number not marked. Not in G&W so rare.

2 x This figural napkin ring has an big owl standing on a base with a branch behind with 2 baby owls.
Marked Simpson Hall Miller & Co. 204.

An unusal simple but rare owl figual napkin ring.
It is unmarked as to maker or number but the ring is reminiscent of those used by
Meriden Silverpalte Co.