Other figural silverplate items, like cups, vases, figurines, etc.

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This is a fabulous pair of cup holders with the original green glass hand painted glasses as well. The bottom shows an asian woman holding up the holder surrounded by bamboo.
Marked Aurora S. P. Co. 502. In the (people) toothpick section there is a toothpick holder with the same theme/figure.
There is also a napkin ring with the same theme shown in Gottschalk and Whitson's book, and I have seen a card tray with the same theme as well, just haven't acquired one as yet.

A lovely silverplate drinking cup with a Kate Greenaway theme. Marked Rogers Smith & Co. # 141.

This is a fabulous figural vase with takes a from similar to a napkin ring where this lady is watering a small flower whereas in this case it is a large flower.
It is not marked as far as I can tell. The napkin ring with this lady was made by Meriden Silver plate Co.
It looks to have been made with a gold wash. A repiar seems to have been made to where the flower stem touches the base.
Underneath is obscured by solder so the marker's mark and number may have been there.  Guaranteed old and authenic.

I am not sure if it is a sugar bowl or jam bowl. It has an old lady seen in other figurals pushing a pram.
There is a cut-out at the top part of the pram that looks to have been made to hold a spoon. Marked Wilcox Silver Plate Co. 3608.

This is a lovely figurine shows Triton (?), a Greek God, and messenger of the sea, son of the Greek God of the sea Poseidon, about to spear a lizrd with his fork.
Actually Triton should have a human form in the top half and be a fish in the bottom half, like a merman, so I may be wrong here. Might just be a hungry cherub.
I am think this is just a figurine/display item, but it may well be a pocket watch holder, or a jewellery (eg rings and chains) holder, or something else.
It is marked Derby Silver Co. #1311. It is 6" tall. The detail and design are exquiste.

This is a figural card hodler made by James W Tufts, Boston, Massachusetts # 2589.
It is decorated on the sides with scrolls and has an image of a hand holding the 4 card suits on each face.
It presents itself like a trophy.

This is a statue of some Greek god (I think) holding a ball and chain in his right hand.
He is wearing a helmet with wings protruding on the sides.
His right shoulder has a hole in it where an epergne vase would have sat inside.
This explains why the base is so wide (about 6 inches wide), so it can support the top heavy weight.
Just the statue itself is about 7 inches high.
It is marked Middletown Silver Plate Co. 971. 

This is a fabulous cigar holder/humidor in the shape of a champagne bottle.
The top (cork part) unscrews to reveal a match holder.
The cigars are stored inside the middle part, while the bottom of the bottle unscrews to becoem an ashtray.

This is some sort of condiment jar with a medalion (Greek soldier) at the front.
Marked Reed & Barton 34

This is a fabulous jewellery casket in the shape of an egg with a chick pocking out its head on top,
 and a chick sitting in front to form part of the base. The rest of the base is support by 3 egg shaped bun feet.
When opened out the chick on top allows the casket to open up level.
The inside still has the original lining.
Marked Rogers Smith &Co Meriden 196. A real gem.

This is thermometer with a Cox Palmer Brownie.
The thermometer is fixed to a branch like structure.
Made by Pairpoint Mfg. Co. # 5610

This is a compote or brides basket, with medallions/faces on the top tray sides and with a bird underneath, plus lion heads and hoofs. Marked Redd & Barton 2548. This would have had a handle (missing) so was probably a brides basket). Even without a handle one sold on ebay (in much worse condition than this one for $550). The top tray is beautifully engraved with peacocks and branches.

This is a near perfect condition figural brides basket/compote. I am not sure if it had a glass insert because the top is so beautifully engraved.
The tray has 2 figural birds on the top edge, whereas 4 goat heads and hoofs decorate the bottom. In fabulous condition. Marked Meriden B Company 1723.
This one is on the UBUY site under 'Silverware'.

This is a lovely antique American Jewellery box dresser set with a drawer.  It has a large figure of a lady sitting on a stool with her legs crossed.
It has a rectangular shaped base with rounded corners decorated with an ornate edging. The drawer pulls out from the right hand side. It has a knob handle.
The drawer and base sit on 4 small feet which take the shape of swans.
The piece also has a circular section on the top which may have been were a glass vase or perfume bottle sat, or it may have just been a place where you put your rings.
It is marked as made by Wilcox Silverplate Co. # 3336.

Not sure waht this was exactly. It has a beautiful swan sitting oin a circular base wuith decorative feet.
Stamped Meriden Silverplate Co. 0577.
It could have been a paper weight but I think something was attached behind the swan like a bud vase or something.  ?
It is what it is.

This is a lovely antique American silverplate figural Cologne bottle in the form of a barrel with tap and on crossed logs. This is a one-off type of item I sometimes find.
It is quite big....see photo next to a napkin ring. It is marked as made by Osborne and Co with number 855. It is in excellent condition. see photos. Amazing detail.
This an absolutely fascinating and gorgeous piece. KKH

This looks like a small tobacco humidor. It has a Kate Greenway standing at the front and the bowl is shaped like a pumpkin or something like that,
with a cherry of top of the lid as a handle.
Marked Acme Silver Plate Co. number 4. So must be an early one.

This is clearly a sardine serving dish, with a fish handle on the top.
Marked Rogers Smith & Co. 1867
Come with fish tongs inside. Not shown in photo but the ends of the fish tongs are fish like the on on lid but 'flat'.
They are alos at a 45 degree angle to make thenm easier to use.
In excellent condition. A bit dusty. was in storage.

This is one fancy glass/cup with a holder. I am guessing you can drink tea from it.
The design and detail are exquisite. Amazing detail.
Marked James W Tufts 2209

This looks like a fancy creamer jug to me.
It has a aesthetic design with lily pads around the sides.
the ruby glass is hand poured.
Marked Meriden B Company 21

This is a perfume bottle holder.
The detail is amazing. Equally amazing that they made such figurines for a bottle of perfume.
Marked James W Tufts 1105

This is a pickle castor, which were quite common in Victorian times in the USA.
The ruby glass is cut and etched.
Comes with its original tings.
I have some other American pickle castors  here: http://www.ubuyonline.com.au/silverware.13.html

This is a beautiful fruit bowl or brides basket with a hand forming the pedestal.
It is marked Wilcox Silver Plate Co. 861. 

This is an amazing early American brides basket with incredible hand painting on the glass, The pedestal consists of 3 griffins.
The hand-painted glass is too much. amazing. The diameter of the glass bowl is about 11 inches or 28 cms. Marked Meriden B Company 5. c1870. In superb condition.
I have some other American silverplated baskets located here:

This is a nice nut bowl or fruit bowl. It has a squirrel eating an acorn at the top and is decorated on the sides with flowers and berries.
It is marked Meriden B Company 917.
It needs a good clean at it has been in storage.
It is c1880
I am prepared to let this go for $500 now. 2/7/2022. Price is a bit cheap. Compare the pair. This for $1320

Another superb c1880 figural butter dish with a compartment underneath for either hot water (in winter) or ice (in summer) to keep the butter soft.
Decorated with a figural cow on the finial of the lid, in excellent condition, and made by Webster & Son (USA), with pattern/patent number 120.
This figural butter serving dish is about 7 inches high, and is a bit bigger than the previous one.
This is located here: http://www.ubuyonline.com.au/silverware.14.html

4 other American figural butter dishes are located at the above link or here: