Mixed metal silver and copper figurals

These are c1870 and American
They were fashionable at this time because they were similar to japanese mixed metal art prior to this period

This is a very rare coper and sterling silver figural napkin ring with a
silver poppy flower applied over a coper holder which has a silver edge and is shaped in various ways.
It is marked with a British pound symbol (which identifies the maker as La Pierre Mfg Co.), and with the words
"Silver & Copper"

This is a large copper and silver vase with applied leaves and cherries.
It has a considerable amount of silver in relation to copper than most other pieces of this time.
ext to it I have placed a much smaller bud vase so you can see the difference in size.

It is marked a made by La Pierre Mfg Co. with the words "Silver & Copper"

4 x A fabulous copper and silver bud vase or toothpick holder also made by La Pierre Mgf Co.,
and marked as so, with the marking silver & copper.
The top and botom are decorated with a flower and stem in sterling.

2 x A similiar vase to the ones above but with a flaired top and a poppy flower.
Made by La Pierre Mgf Co.. Marked Silver & Copper.

A superb mixed metal with decotative top, made by La Pierre Mgf Co.. I think (not marked).
Marked Sterling and other metals, with number 446.

A super mixed meatl candle holder with figural flowers and leaves.
La Pierre Mgf Co. Silver & Copper.

A lovely silver and copper mixed metal tootpick holder with a crab on the side.
Marked as made by Gorham Co. with the anchor motif,
a symbol that is almost a capital Y the number 89 and then the letter P,
which is a date letter i might look up at some stage, probably around 1880/1890.
Below I have an ashtray with a crab, so it is possible that this may have actually been
a match holder but I would expected a few more rough surfaces. 

This is a lovely mixed metal silver and copper which has flower beds in silver embossed onto the hammered copper holder.
It is made by Gorham Co. but the rest of the markings are a bit hard to make out.
I get them one day. :-) Y2*0 and maybe an O

This a fabulous copper and silver toothpick holder or small bowl (as a bit larger than normal) made by La Pierre Mgf Co.,
The rim is heavy silver and the copper side is decorated with the familiar flower and stem.

This a fabulous copper and silver inkwell or perhaps an ashtray made by La Pierre Mgf Co.
It is quite large and heavy with numeroous silver flowers and stems embossed on the copper sphere.
The inside of the inkwell seems to be silver. the top part anyhow.
The sphere sits on 4 silver ball feet.
I have photograhed it next to a bud vase to show ow big it is.
I can always measure it as some later stage and weight it as well.

This is a lovely American mixed metal siver and copper ashtray for cigarettes or even cigars,
with a bar across a section to but out the cigar or cigarette.
There is a figuarl crab at one end of the rod.
Marked Gorham Co. Y 22 P.
It dates to 1883.

This a lovely silver and copper wax seal. It would have an inscription or monogram on
the flat surface to show who the letter came from.
There is no monogram on this one.
Made by La Pierre Mfg Co.

This is a small Gorham sterling silver and copper dish or a minitures tray, perhaps even a salesman sample.
I believe it is the latter as I cannot image why they would make such a small dish.
It is a bit small to even be an ashtray in my opinion. It is about 3 inches by 2 1/2 inches.
It is decorated with birds and leaves.
It is marked Gorham Co. E 62. It dates to 1872.

The vase is 11 inches (28.5 cms) tall, and 3 inches (9 cms) across the base. 
It has lovely Art Nouveau pattern inlays in sterling silver in the sides. Made by Heintz Art Metal Shop, bronze and sterling silver.
Hallmarked below. Heintz is listed as an American (USA) sterling silver silversmith.  I would say this is c1915.
Has a lovely dark patina not evident in photos.