Here are my figural napkin rings that have a miscellaneous theme (not included in the other categories). 


4 x an interesting figural napkin ring with a boot alongside it which can double as a bud vase or toothpick holder.
Marked Aurora S.P. Mfg. Co. # 65.
It is shown in the book by Gottschalk & Whitson "Figural Napkin Rings: Collector's Identification and Value Guide", on page 128, in plate 307. They valued it beteen $200 and $350 in 1996. It is in the Section on bud vase napkin rings but I think it may have been intended as a toothpick holder for the reasons given below.
The boot could be either a toothpick holder or a bud vase. I think it might have been meant as a toothpick holder as I have seen a figural toothpick holder which has two of theses boots together.
In any case you can use for either. It is a rare example.
CHECK seem to be missing one.  I feel like I sold one that I did not mark off but it could be in toopick holders.

This napkin ring has two brownie cox palmers climbing aroung a napkin ring on a cut-corner rectangular base.
Marked Simpson Hall Miller & co. It may have had a number but is obscure.
The detail on the brownie cox palmers in not great and this may be a reproduction or fake.
I think one like this is actually shown in G&W.

The detail on this brownie cox palmer is very good, which suggest it may be original. The base is marked Rockford silverplate Co., with no number, which is not unusual. What is a concern is that the ring is very worn. I suspect that the Palmer Cox Brownie and base are original but the ring (by which I mean the napkin holder) might have been replaced. the design of this ring is very similar to the one shown in G&W plate 349 page 143 with a different shaped base. Who is to say it is not just another one made by Rockford.

This is an unusual Plamer Cox Brownie figural napkin ring, with the
Brownie standing alongside a tree. It is marked pairpoint Mgf. Co. 950.

napkin ring in the shape of a briefcase, marked 262

napkin ring in the shape of a purse.Marked Derby Silver Co. 329. In excellent condition.

napkin ring in the form of a book sitting on an aisel with leaf decoration, unmarked

This figural napkin ring takes the form of a painting on an aisel.
Marked New Bedford Silver Plate Co. Pat'd 17 June 1883.

This napkin ring takes the form of a barrel on 'wooden' leg supports.
There are other napkin rings like this with branches and leafs on the side, but this one is not so common.
This one is marked Pairpoint #26.

2 x A plain barrel figural napkin ring.
Maker and number not marked.
slightly different to each other.
Could be Wilcox Silver plate Co.

This figural napkin ring has a barrel with handle sitting on a leafy base. It is marked Wilcox Silver Plate Co. 8257.
It appears it had a wire attached to the top of the handle going down the side of the barrel to the base. 
The barrel also has plug in the side. There is a figural napkin ring with a European man with the same barrel.

2 x napkin ring sitting on a wheelbarrow, marked James W. Tuffs 1537
It is shown in the collector's book "Figural Napkin Rings: Collector's Identification and Value Guide", by Gottschalk and Whitson, on page 253 in plate 618.
They valued it at $200-$300 in 1996.
Second one has been resilvered. LTK

This ring is similar to the one above and is also made by James W Tufts.
This one has no base but is marked underneath Tufts 1535.
It must have been in a series with the numbers so close.
The napkin holder is shaped like a barrel in this figural napkin ring.
Excellent condition. Looks to have been resilvered.

Yet another wheelbarrow figural napkin ring. Marked Webster Silver plate Co. 11 (or 1 twice)

Another, different, wheelbarrow napkin ring, made by Pairpoint Mfg, Quadruple Plate #40. This ring has a lovely wheel resembling a flower and detailed scroll work at the back and base. In excellent condition.

As above.

This figural napkin ring takes the form of a sleigh and is marked Wilcox Silver Plate Co. 01532.
It is not missing a boy pulling it. That one is number 01576.
This particular ring is shown in the book by Schnadig.

This a very rare figural napkin ring. It has an anchor with rope on it.
Similar rings with a sailor exist but this one does not appear often; once in last 10 years, and I got it.
definitely authentic, and has not been attached to anything before. Unmarked as to maker and number.

two similar napkin rings, on an artist's palette, one with flowers and bug is marked Meriden B Company 239, other is marked I.J. Sharick, Albuquerque, N.M. 239

as above. Marked Meriden B Company 239.
A similiar ring without the bug and flowers is shown in the book by Gottschalk and Whitson, "Figural Napkin Rings: Collectors Identification and Value Guide" on page 255 in plate 627.
G&W valued that at $200-$350 in 1996. LKH

CHECK missing one

5 x This figural napkin ring is decorated with a violin and both sit on a base in the form of a music sheet rolled at 2 ends.
It has the words "Old Times" engraved on the base and some music scores. Made by Wilcox Silver Co., Meriden #4393.

2 x napkin ring with a horse shoe leaning on it, unmarked

2 x napkin ring with a horse shoe over the top of the ring on a slant.
On the top of the horseshoe is the word Bonheur (French for Good Luck).
The ring is marked as made by James W Tufts of Boston and numbered 1540.
The napkin ring is beautifully engraved in fine detail all over, and sits on an oval base on 4 bun feet.
It is shown in the book by Gottschalk and Whitson, in plate 615 on page 252. They valued it at $200-$350 in 1996. BTK

2 x napkin ring with harp leaning on it, unmarked. The two rings are both original but have different ring designs.

napkin ring with fan/leaf base and fitted scroll handle, unmarked

napkin ring on leaf base with fitted handle, unmarked

napkin ring with fitted side support/handle, marked meriden B Comapny 156

The napkin ring sits on a pedestal and two fans resting on their sides. Marked Knickerbocker 173.
This is a rare figural napkin ring.
It also carries that common theme to Knickerbocker Silver Co. where two of the same items sit on either side if the ring.

a napkin ring on the back of a cart with wheels, with a butterfly.
Unmarked as far as I can tell, but in G&W

In this figual napkin ring a large butterfly pulls a napkin holder along on a sleigh decorated with grapes etc.
Unmarked to maker and number but shown in G&W page 198, plate 483.

This figural napkin ring has a napkin holder sitting on a butterfly's wings,
 which sits on a square footed base turned at 90 degrees so it appears as a diamond shape.

This figural napkin ring has a butterfly on top of the napkin ring with some scrolls on either side.
I cannot see the maker's mark (it has been replated) but is has the number 61.

  5 x napkin ring sitting on the wings of two butterfllies, all on a chinese fan base, marked Meriden B Company 209.
The second one is a bit dented but I will probably straighten it on an anvil soon.
The third one presents as in near mint condition. It may been resilvered.
Fourth one in excellent condition. BKH

This figural napkin ring consists of two triangle shaped fans leaning against each other tied at the top with rope/string
sitting in a square woven base. Marked Simpson Hall Miller & Co.. There is no number as far as I can see.   

Similar theme to above, but with 2 horseshoe shapes leaning on each other to form an arch way.
Marked Derby Silver Co. 336. Not in G&W.

This figural napkin ring is similar to the one above, in that it have a similar fan base and very similar napkin ring, but with bamboo and oriental themes, with a butterfly on one branch by the way. It is Marked Meriden B Company 25. There is something missing that was attached to the disk above the ring on the sides (??). It is also similar to another napkin ring below which is marked Meriden 210, with bamboo and a butterfly, but different base. I have actually located this napkin ring in one of my books or online as having had a salt and pepper pot supported by a ring with extentions, so it is really a combination set.

  11 x napkin ring resting on a butterfly with two oriental fans on the sides on a square base sitting on 4 ball feet.
Marked Meriden B Company 208.
It is shown in the book by Gottschalk and Whitson, "Figural Napkin Rings: Collector's Identification and Value Guide", on page 200 in plate 487.
They valued it at $200 in 1996. f TK-BLK. 

Yet another 3 more rings like above. The base is a bit warped in one of them.

CHECK stored away 11. missing 1?

This figural napkin ring is a bit similar to the one above.
It has oriental fans on either side of the ring on an oval shaped base on 4 ball feet.
It is marked meriden Silverplate Co. 290.
The ring sits on a box pedestal.

A simple but elegant figural napkin ring with 2 butterflies. One is missing base.
Unmarked as to maker.
MISSING. may be stored in junk upstairs

2 different oriental fan napkin rings.
One sits on 3 ball feet with the fourth edge supported by the fan's handle.
Marked as made by Pairpoint but hard to read other information/number. In very good condition to excellent.
The other napkin ring has two fans leaning over each other on an oval base with a decorated edge on 4 feet. Beautiful detail.
Marked Bridgepoint Silver Co. #207, dated 1883. In excellent condition.

Like the one above on the right.

4 x A sphinx sits with a ribbed napkin ring sitting on its back.
Marked Meriden B Company #165. All in excellent condition with a lovely patina.
One is monogrammed "George" :-). This one is not for sale, as this is my name.
It is shown in the book by Gottschalk and Whitson in plate 352 on page 144. They valued it at $200 to $350 in 1996. 
I have seen it sell for much more on ebay and in 2012 it sold for $840 ($700 plus 20% buyer's premium). See above. SHH

This napkin ring sits on the back of two winged sphinxes (?) on a shaped base. Marked Meriden Silver Plate Co, 202

Another ring with 2 sphinxes or gargoyles. Unmarked. 

A griffin looking creatures sits on either end of the horseshoe-shaped napkin holder. Unmarked.

This ring is decorated with lots of scroll work.
It does not seem to be marked as to maker and number.

A rather strange figural napkin ring with side supports and a top with 2 small birds.
Maker and number not marked.

napkin ring in the shape of a shirt collar, unmarked

2 x napkin ring in the shape of a shirt collar with a bow tie, unmarked. nice and heavy. In excellent condition.

2 x A napkin ring in the shape of a corset. Beautifully inscribed. Excellent condition. Maker not marked. TK

2 x napkin ring in the shape of a belt, one of left unmarked, one on right marked with 5 hallmarks but hard to make out.

Another 2 belt ring like above.

Another figural napkin ring in the shapes of a belt with buckle. Unmarked.

2 x a napkin ring embossed with a hand over a reef of flower. slightly different, as one has ribbing close to teh edge.
In excellent condition. Unmarked as to maker.

This rare figural napkin ring has a glass napkin holder.
It has also has a hand over a reef of flowers as in the rings above.
The glass napkin holder has a jagged edging.
marked Meriden Silverplate Co. 244.

This is another simple figural napkin ring with embossing. The embossing seems to be holly with berries. Has a Christmas feel to it. Cute.
This ring actually came from the same estate as one of the cherub figual napkin rings show below, which coincidentially has a similar embossing (different flower) on the ring. Interesting!

This is one of the best figural napkin rings I have ever seen.
It is unmarked but I know from experience it is an American Victorian piece.
It has a hand holding the napkin holder which is made or intertwinned leaves and flowers.
It has been cleaned but tehre are some dark crevices where it was difficult to clean, and the detail is exceptional and extraordinary.
This is how I know it is genuine. It has a lighish shiny patina even though it has been cleaned.

two similar oval shaped napkin rings, one with a portraot of a man and the other with a portrait of a woman. unmarked as to maker

2 engraved napkin rings, one on left with storks, leaves and flowers, unmarked; one on right with flowers, unmarked

A fabulous napkin ring with the skyline of New York running around the ring. When made the buildings were plated in copper and the sky in gold.

two triangular napkin rings, one with a medallion and the other with an embossed bee and flower on the other side

two plain silverplate napkin rings, one on right is marked Meriden B Company Sb 163. the one on right has the bird engraving typical of other Meriden napkin rings and designs.

3 x pedestal napkin rings, middle marked Meriden B Company 130, others marked Rogers & Bro. 130, and Meriden 131

a beautifully engraved napkin ring on an ornate tripod base with scroll supports. unmarked.

3 napkin rings sitting on ball feet, unmarked

honeycombe engraved napkin ring with ruby glass jewel on top, marked Simpson Hall Miller & Co. 17

napkin ring on two side supports, beautifully engraved, unmarked

similiar to one above. unmarked.

This is a rather simple figural napkin ring which has a top arch-shaped part and a soldered on base.
Unmarked but nicely made. It is probably earlier than the very decorated and figualised rings.
There is a similar figural napkin ring to this with a bud vase on top.

Similar to above but different

2 figural napkin rings shaped like collars

napkin ring formed by two leaves arched up together, with flower buds, marked Meriden Silver Co. 208

two flower embossed napkin rings, both unmarked

2 decoarted figural napkin rings. one has sunflowers and other grape vines with grapes and leaves.

napkin ring formed by curling branches and leaves, unmarked,
possible sterling silver, need to test

This is a figural napkin ring in the form of a book/bible, nicely engraved, almost in mint condition, like it was not used. guaranteed authentic 19th century, unmarked.

Another as above.

As  above, a book shaped figural napkin ring, but with a different engraving on the front and back of the book.

Another 3 bible/book figural napkin rings.

Two more

This is a very rare figural napkin ring in thr form of a clothes iron. Marked as made by James W Tufts, and numbered 1636.

2 x religious theme napkin ring with a bible and sword on top.
Unmarked as to maker but definitely antique and engraved on bottom of each with script initials.
Probably belonged to a couple who may have got these as a wedding present.

This is quite a lovely napkin holder (may also be used as an open salt or toothpick holder) in the form of a basket with a handle.
Note the flower decorations on the sides and the engravings, marked W.M. Rodgers Mfg. Co. , Hartford 242.

Two rings in ball feet. Unmarked. Typical oriential bamboo decorations on rings. Matching. 

2 x Just a lovely oriental design figural napkin ring.
In amazing condition given all the delicate bits that could have broken off over its 120 year history.
There is a small butterfly underneath the ring.
Marked Meriden B Company 210.
It is shown in the book by Gottschalk & Whitson "Figural Napkin Rings: Collector's Identification and Value Guide", on page 250, in plate 609.
They valued it beteen $200 and $350 in 1996. LIK

Another 3 figural napkin rings like the above. One has one tiny leaf missing near the top. Both had a nice dark patina.

CHECK. i stored 5 of these. mighty be another

a fabulous highly decorated semi-circular napkin ring with an arch, marked pairpoint #32 so quite an early one. It looks to have had a reapir done to the ring where one of the legs attaches (front left in photo), otherwise in very good condition. quite a rare ring nonetheless.

This lovely ornate figural napkin ring is made by Rogres Smith & Co., Meriden CT, and is numbered 313.
There are hints that it may have been gold plated when made.

This napkin ring looks to be made of bronze. Has a coperish colour and is quite heavy.
Decorated with dragons. Might be Britannia metal with bronze finish

2x figural napkin rings in the shape of crowns. Marked "Silver plated", "Made in England". not sure about age.

2 x oval shaped figural napkin rings decoreated with a applied medallion.
I believe these are pewter/Britannia metal but need to test them for silver. Maker is not marked.

2 x Medallion figural napkin ring in footed base with Roman soldier.

3 x open medallion figural napkin rings on pedestal bases.
Marked Rogers Smith & Co (Meriden B Company later) 362/

This figural napkin ring has a drum sitting on a spherical base decorated with very detailed flowers and leaves.
It is marked Meriden Silverplate Co. 292.

This figural napkin ring features a top hat sitting on its side on a glove.
The hat forms the napkin holder. It is marked Meriden Silverplate Co. 225

This is a (trench art?) German WWI brass napkin ring with the words "Gott mit Uns" around a crown, which means "with god on our side"

Butterfly on leaf base, FNR or FTPH or card receiving tray, James W. Tufts #2671 
I have another one of these under (Card Receiving) Trays. This is close to my favourite figural.
It could also be a napkin ring (compared to the cat music sheet one), a toothpick holder, or even a match holder.
I have put this one under miscellaneous napkin rings.
Note this comment though.

James W Tufts usually used the 2000 numbers for toothpick holders, but there are some 3000 ones as well. Napkin rings are usuall in the 1000 range.
This amazing item, which could be a toothpick holder, card holder or even a napkin ring is marked as made by James W Tufts with the number 2671. TKH