Here are my figural match holders. One is was actually intended as a vase/flower bed (as I discovered from an old patent). I also have some match holders under toothpick holders. It is often hard to tell what is was exactly meant for. If it was silverplated it might have been a table item, hence a toothpick holder, but not all silverplated items were toothpick holders.

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large match holder with lady/maid with hands on hips with basket, unmarked

This is a real wow piece. it has an American negro carrying a basket on his back (for the matches) and a basket alongside him for the cigarettes I would imagine.

American eagle with holder on its back between its wings, front marked Orillia Canada, might be some hotel, otherwise unmarked, gilded paint finish.

raised stallion horse with basket match holder, marked Derby Silver Co. 2.

match holder with water pump and water trough, marked James W Tuft 2614, design patented Jan. 13 1880. In the patent it actually says this design is for a flower bed arrangement with matches....see this link.

A fantastic early brass American c1850 figural match holder on a claw foot pedestal base (with strike pad all araond the edge). The holder if decorated with faces leaves, and some other objects, with a strike pad. Unmarked. In fantastic condition. This would have been made c1850 before they started silver plating items.

This is a lovely rare antique American figural match/toothpick/flower holder c1880 which takes the form of a water well with a bucket on a chain hanging from a branch arrangement.
The design is exceptional and beautiful.
An extremely interesting piece.
It was patented by James W. Tuffts (sse below), and althought it is not marked I believe it was made by Tufts.
The detail is just extraordinary.
The wooden sides of the well have wood grain and there are even nails at the ends.
Just amazing.
It is silverplated and has a lovely aged patina with some tarnish patches. The base metal is Britannia metal (that is what they used then).
In the patent below, the bucket hangs over the well. It can be bent by hand to get it back into that shape. I could have easily done it.

The patent says it was made as a match or flower holder or etc. I think this one was probably used as an ornament or a toothpick holder as there is no evidence of match stikes that I can see. 

This is a reasonable large piece, being about 6 inches long, 4 inches wide and maybe 8 or 9 inches high (when the branch is straightened).
I have another one of these which i put under match holders.
One is marked Tufts 2628, patented Jan 13. 1880.
In excellent condition.


2 x This match holder depicts a well with a bucket hanging over it on a branch forked on anither branch. marked Tufts 2628, patented Jan 13. 1880.
In excellent condition.

This is probably a match holder and ashtray, or a match holder, cigarette hodler and ashtray (the matches may have been kept behind the dog). The same dog is used in a figural napkin ring made by Simpson Hall Miller & Co., and in an unmarked matching figural toothpick holder. I have seen this piece elsewhere (in poorer condition), also gold plated/painted (?), but marked as having been made by Baker. Arnold & Co. Phila., with no number. As far as I can tell, mine is unmarked.

This is a fabulous silverplate figural match holder with a hat riding crop and gloves.
I think it is a mtach holder as opposed to a toothpick holder because it has lots of rough surface for one to strike their matches on. It is marked underneath R. A. 354.
It looks likem it had a copy finish applied over the top, and may just be copper plate on pewter. I won't know for sure until I have cleaned it.
The metal is crcked along part of the hat where it was obviously dropped at some time.
I think it may have been made by the R. A. Coon Silver Mfg. Co.

a fabulous match holder with strike on the bottom in the form of an old shoe, with striking surface on the sole, unmarked, has separate brass holder. I believe this is English early 20 th century.

A large pig/boar is carrying to baskets over its back to hold the toothpicks or matches.
Unmarked as to maker but very detailed and very old from 1800s.
This is a rather large example.

This superb match holder has two osteriches on an oval base with a chicken on the top. The whole piece is sort of bronzed or bronzed plated.
The underlying metal is brass. Can see this from underside. The bottom looks to have been filled with plaster when made.

This item was undoubtedly made as a match holder but does not seem to have been used for that purpose but probably as a display item/figurine. It has a match stike on the base (see photo), but this does not seem to have been used. It may have also been made as a cigarette holder and/or an ashtray in addition to being a match holder/strike. The whole piece looks very original with its almost perfect bronzed finish. It is definitely an authentic antique. The same half broken eggs appear as toothpick or match holders in other figural, and the hen appears in a combination salt and pepper napkin ring set. The maker is not marked, and the underside of the base is hollow. I believe that when it was made it was filled with some kind of plaster, from what I see, and to also give the piece a lower centre of gravity.
It is unmarked as to maker of number but has an American figural appeal to it. Perhaps the makers mark was on the plaster.From my experience I would suggest that this may have been made by Aurora, Derby or Wilcox Silver Co.  There is a dent on one of the egg cups, but otherwise, it is in near mint condition. 
There is a match strike between the two osteriches. The piece looks like it has hardly been used. Almost as new condition. It is c1900.
The cups are shaped like broken eggs, and the top one swings. One would have held the new matches, and the used matches woul have been put into the other egg cup.

This is figural silverplate item is a cigar holder (note the chinese man is holding a cigar in his raised hand). The basket is where one puts the cigars. The basket is quite large (the size of an orange, to quote my friend Karen from the USA). It is marked Derby Silver Co. 1507. The piece is about 6 inches/15 cms high.

I think this is a cigar holder in the shape of a barrel with a handle. It is too big to be a toothpick of match holder.
The maker is not marked but is is detailed and authentic.

This is superb matchholder with a black american woman monkey and child. I believe there was a black american monkey policeman on the left.
Marked James W Tufts 2610

This looks like an astray and cigar holder to me. It has an owl on a brach with a pipe over the astray to put out the cigar.
Marked The Van Bergh S.P. Co. 971.

I am not too sure about this. It could be a tobaco holder for a pipe, a pipe rest or even a match holder.
Marked Derby Silver Co. 1541. Looks to have been resilvered.

This is a cigar holer, match holder and ashtray in one.
The lady servant stand on the base appears in other American figural silverplate items.
marked James W Tufts 3254. The cigar holder and astray can be removed so amazing to find this piece complete and in tack.
It is quite a large a majestic piece.

Wonderful Victorian early American (c1890) smoke set measuring approximately 5" tall and 6-1/2" wide.
I believe the piece is silverplated with a heavy tarnish, with gilt work applied on top.
Featuring a whimsical Aesthetic Movement design with three finely hammered metal cups mounted on twisted twig branches, it is highlighted with a large bird leaning over a striker pad.
Bearing hand painted gilding to the ruffled edges, leaf and stylized floral design, it is simply amazing.
Bearing an old hand painted notation on the bottom of 1890, the number (?0 249) plus a set of initials (maker?).
Original USA. Condition is very nice with the lightest wear to the gilding here and there - still very bright - cups are a little irregular in shape.
I have not tried to straighten them (as yet). The cup interiors have the most wear to the gilding.
Just an outstanding desk top smoke set - wonderful addition to any tobacciana or match holder or figural collection! Have a match strike underneath the bird. .

2 x Chick wishbone and leaf cigar ashtrays.
Marked Barbour Silver Co. 2161

Another chick & wishbone cigar astray.
Marked Forbes Silver Co. 101.

A tobacco pipe rest. Marked pairpoint Mfg. Co. 1961

Another tobacco pipe rest. Marked Derby Silver Co. 520.

This is a cute little something. Not sure if it is a toothpick holder as very shallow.
I thought it may be a little ashtray at first but hard to tell.
Marked WR New York  346 E