Figural napkin rings with a marine theme, including turtles, frogs, dolphins, etc.
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3 x napkin ring on the back of a large turtle, marked Pairpoint 51. All in near mint aged condition.
This figural napkin rings is shown in the book "Figural Napkin Rings: Collector's Identification and Value Guide", by Gottschalk and Whitson (G&W), on page 243 in plate 594.
They valued it at $350-$500 in 1996.
 I have located a recent sale at an USA auction house (see below).  In Sept 2011 it sold for $1200 ($1000 plus 20% premium).

Another figural napkin ring with a turtle carrying the napkin hodler on its back/shell. It is marked Meriden B Company 193. It's condition is good.

  3 x napkin ring on fern leaf with two small turtles on the leaf, marked 75. In near perfect condition.
This figural napkin ring is not shown in the book by Gottschalk and Whitson's book
"Figural napkin Rings: Collectors Identification and Value Guild",
but guaranteed to be genuine and authentic.
The fact that it is not in G&W just means it was not in their collection. I have seen it a few times before on ebay.
It is not super rare but often found in average condition. LKH

  4 x a turtle carries a napkin holder in the form of a corset on its back.
On a footed rectagular base, marked Derby Silver Co. 340.
Shown in G&W on page 243. Valued at 200-350 in 1996. LKH

I could have put this in the bud vase section but decided to put it in here.
In this figural napkin ring a small turtle carries the napkin holder on its back next to a vase shaped bud vase with a bowled bottom section.
marked Derby Silver Co. 342.

2 x This figural napkin ring has the napkin holder supported by two small turtles facing away from each other. 
It is marked Meriden Silver Plate Co. 216. Shown in G&W page 244 Plate 597. Valued at $200-350 in 1996.
The second one looks to have had maker and number erased and a coin placed in the corner reading
Rogers Silver Plate Co. 42. Otherwise it is exactly the same.

THis ring has a salt with cranberry glass insert support by a small turtle which on top of the napkin holder, supported by
scrolling leaf structures on the sides.

A lovely napkin ring with the ring resting on the back of a dolphin, marked Aurora 32

In this figural napkin ring, the ring is supported by two dolphins (or devil fish).
Marked R. Stickland & Co. 88 (I think).

Another figural napkin ring with dolphins (or what they called devil fish then)
with a knife rest underneath.  Marked as made by Pairpoint Mfg. Co. #30. 
Shown in G&W on page 238 in plate 580.

2 x This is a lovely Victorian figural napkin ring with a frog. It excellent condition. Unmarked as to maker,
but I have located it to have been made by Barbour Silver Co. with the production number 11.
I have seen the identical frog and ring with these markings. Attached photo below.
I actually bought this marked ring shown below so is shown again further below.
It is marked (on frog's body) as made by Barbour Silver Co. with number 11.
This is a very rare figural napkin ring, in excellent condition.
It is not shown in the book by Gottschalk and Whitson, but a similar unmarked one is shown in plate 584 on page 239.
They valued that one at $200 to $350 in 1996

As the ring above but marked as to maker and number.

This figural napkin ring is very similar to the one above (same frog) but the ring sits more behind the frog.
I have observed both of these figural napkin rings at auctions are they are both genuine and authentic.

This figural napkin ring sits on a leaf with a frog.
It is not marked as to maker or number which is as is in the books.

A little frog sits on top of a plain round napkin holderwhich sits on a base decorated with reeds leaves flowers and rocks.
Marked "37". G &W say it was made by Aurora Silver Plate Co. This has been resilvered
and the makers mark lost in process. Excellent condition. Rare.

This figural napkin ring also involves a frog, a leaf (water lily) and a fly.
It depicts a frog as finding under a leaf waiting for a catch.
It is marked meriden B Comapny 238.

This figural napkin ring has two oars (beautifully decorated on both sides) together with an intertwined vine with leaves holding up the napkin holder.
It is unmarked as to maker and number, probably because it was too hard to find a place to mark it.
This is the only figural napkin ring I have seen like this. It does not appear in any of the books or auctions but is genuine.
It has a nice light patina.
ADDED NOTE: This figural napkin ring is actually shown in G& W on page 312 in plate 773.
They only had an illustration of this ring. They identified it to have been made by the Derby Silver Co. with the number 303.

2 x This figural napkin ring has coral and a shell.
marked Meriden B Company 227
It is shown in the book by Gottschalk and Whitson's book "Figural napkin Rings: Collectors Identification and Value Guild", on page 242 in plate 593.
They valued it at $200 - $350 in 1996

A fabulous rare figural napkin ring with a turtl carrying an ornate embossed ring on its back.
I cannot see any marking on it but it is shown in G&W on page 244, in Plate 596.

This is an exceptionally rare figural napkin ring with a turtle a (lily) leaf base,
with a rippled napkin holder on the leaf with a lizard above.
Marked Southington Silver Co. 36. Not in G&W. Very rare.