Figural knife rests
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two 'turned' spindle knife rests decorated with 'atom' balls, unmarked.

Two figural knife rests with ship wheels at either end. Unmarked.

2 x This knife rest has a similar/matching figutal napkin ring and napkin ring with a bud vase. Unmarked as to maker and number.

A lovely pair of leaf design knife rests. Marked with a 7. Probably made by Meriden B Company,
as I have lots of other figurals with the same leaf made by them.

A figural knife rest with thistle and leaves at the sides. Unmarked

2 leaf design art nouveau knife rests, unmarked as the maker and number.

An Art Nouveau style Victoran figural knife rest with men's faces at teh base and griffen heads at the top.

Unmarked as to maker or pattern number. Looks to have been silver plated. 

This figural knife rest has griffins standing at the sides. Unmarked.

This figural knife rest has two large butterflies at the ends.
It is marked 12 and there is a makers stamp as well.
Probably Meriden B Company or Simpson, Hall, Miller & Co..
I am not sure if it was made with the bases curved up, or if someone bent them for some reason.
I intend to flatten the base when i get time to do it.

This is a fabulous figural knife rest which is quite big in fact. The ends are shaped like wheels with a demonic looking bird eyeing off an insect on leaves.
There is even a pine cone trotruding from the ends. The detail is extraordinary.
It does not have a makers mark on it but is genuine Victorianna. The condition is excelent.

2 x 2 chicks hold up a bar knife rest. These are the same chicks that you find in many figural napkin rings.

2 x figural knife rets with birds (chicks?) at either end. Unmarked as to maker

This knife rest has two large cockatoo at the ends. It is marked 24 underneath.

This fabulously detailed knife rest has 2 storks standing next to tree branches that are symmetrically joined to each other. It is unmarked but looks American, as the the detail is extraordinary. The bar knife rest was quite traditional in Victorian times, whereas the more extensive bridge was used in the Art Deco period. This is definitely Victorian. Unmarked.

two lions holding onto a post on either side of the knife rest on an engraved fabcy base, unmarked

2 x large lion knife rests, similar to above but different. unmarked

2 x a rampant lion holds a shield on either side of these figural knife rests, unmarked.
They look to be American 1880s. They have monograms so are definitely antique.

a fabulous lion figural knife rest, with the same lion as found the Meriden B Company figural napkin rings. This one is marked Manning and Bowman, which was founder in 1857 in Meriden CT. This knife rest is c1870 or thereabouts.

two greyhounds with a 'whip' resting on them as the knife rest

2 x knife rests with greyhounds at either end with a 'whip' resting between them.
These are similar but not exactly the same as the one shown above

Another 2 like the above.

Another (different) figural knife rest with greyhounds. Marked 28.

As above but marked 26 definitely. Better check previous.

Just marvelous is teh best way to describe this figural knife rest.
It has the same dog found in many Meriden Britannia Company figural napkin rings.
This figural knife rest is numnbered 27.

  A pair of fabulous figural knife rests with a dog on a rectangular base on either side of the knife bar. It is marked Wilcox SilverPlate Co. 1557

a single knife rest as above.

This figural knife rest has a doghouse with a dog at either end.
The same design is also found on a figural npakin ring. See attached photo. It is not marked.

two cherubs in praying position on either side of a shaped kife rest, marked Meriden B Company 15, PAT APL FOR.

This figural knife rest also has two cherubs facing way from each other as in the one above, but standing in this case, plus with wings.
It is marked as being made by Meriden Silver Plate Co., and has the product number 22.
There is a figural napkin ring set with 2 cherubs cast in a similar way. See attached photo. 

 3 x knife rest in the form of a fence (with posts) and a stile, marked EP NS.
The one on the left is slightly different to the other ones on the right.

another 2 knife rests like the one above. one is bigger than the other.
they came from the same estate, so might have been meant to be graduated.
They are marked EPNS.

This knife rest uses the same theme as the knife rests above with a stile, now perpendicular to the post, which now rests on two crossed branches. The whole thing sits on and oval base decorated with earth, leaves and rocks. Unmarked.

This figural knife rest has a polo ball underneath a horse jump. Unmarked.

This is a fabulous 19th century knife rest with a tennis theme, complete with net and racquests.
There are some markings on the bottom but they are hard for me to read. I saw another
one just like this where the marks were clear and it is registered to 1855.
The number is actually "RD13049" this dates the place card holder to 1855.
One of these sold for $250 plus on ebay in 2016.

This figural knife rest has a jockey's hat, a crop, and a polo stick (I think). The detail is just amazing and so intricate.
Unmarked as the maker or number.

two knife rests with sphinxes on either side of the rail, unmarked.
This sphinx appears in figural napkin rings and other figurals.

Similar to the ones above but the sphinxs have no wings and it was made this way.
The shape of the sphinx here is very similar to the sphinx used (but smaller) by Meriden B Company
in one of their figural napkin rings.

Another sphinx design figural knife rest.
Marked Meriden Silverplate Co. number 8.

2 x I think these are griffens on either side of the knife rest. In excellent condition. Unmarked as to maker and number.

2 knife rests in the form of boys sitting on a wooden fence/gate.
There is a napkin ring with this design. As far as I can tell they are not marked.

Another one as above

This knife rest is not marked but I believe it is made by Meriden B Company,
as the horse here is very similar to the horse in the Meriden prancing horse with wheels napkin ring numbered 214.

Another two like the above. These two are marked with a 7.

This knife rest is similar to the one above but the knife rest is now on the horses's backs. The horses sit on flat oval bases. Unmarked.

tug-of-war between a man/miner and a hotel servant boy, signifying the struggle leading up to the Boar war.
Marked and dated mid-19th century. The rope between the 2 proponents is missing.

3 x Victorian knife rest with 2 barking dogs on either side. Marked but hard to read. Probably made by WMF or Chistoffle.

2 x Victorian knife rest with bears on either side. Marked but hard to read.
Probably made by WMF or Chistoffle.
The second one is a bit more detailed

A Victorian knife rest with 2 deer or goats on either side. Marked but hard to read. Probably made by WMF or Chistoffle.

A Victorian knife rest with 2 foxes on either side. Marked but hard to read. Probably made by WMF or Chistoffle.

two wolves or foxes on rectangular bases on either side of this knife rest with the bar sitting on their backs. Marked Middletown Plate Co. #10.

A Victorian knife rest with an elephant on either side. Marked WMF.

A knife rest with 2 dolphins on either side.
These very dolphins appear in many of the marine theme figural napkin rings, usually with a cherub sitting on one.

This kniferest is adorned by two swans, holding the rest with their beaks. Unmarked. In excellent condition for age.

Here is another swan figural knife rest. It is in a lovely aged condition.

2 x This kniferest is rather large and has two deer's heads on either side.  Unmarked. In excellent condition.

2 x figural knife rest with deers haed at each end, with a twisted bar. The heads sit on heart shaped bases. Unmarked.

A figural knife rest with deers haed and horn at either end. Unmarked.

Two birds face each other in this kniferest. This one is numbered "33". In excellent condition. The birds are quite large.

Similar to the above, but here the knife rest rests on the back of 2 pheasants. Unmarked.

This is a rare find. An Australian figural knife rest with two kangaroos on a gum leaf holding up the knife rest bar.
This one is made by Stokes & Sons.

I believe this is a French silverplated knife rest. Unmarked.
I also think it is early 20th century (Art Deco?), unlike the others which are 19th century (Victorian).
In this knife rest the body of the boar/pig forms the knife rest. Most (but not all)Victorain knife rests had a bar as the knife rest.

This one of teh best figural knife rests in my collection. It has a boy sitting on teh floor up against a fence.
The boy is a classical Kate Greenaway boy and the fence is identical to a figural napkin ring I have with a fawn.
See other animal figural napkin rings.

In this figural knife rest two old men carry a bar. Unmarked.I am sure the figure of this man appears in a figural napkin ring.

This figural knife reest has 2 soldiers (possibly Spanish) carrying a pole which forms the knife rest. It is marked as made by B. J Mayo, Newark, N.J, Quadruple Plate. It does not seem to have a number. Mayo started operations in 1860. This piece is probably c1870-1880. Mayo is not a well-known silversmith, because he was probably was quite small. This is an excellent knife rest that compares with the best.

This is a squirrel figual knife rest with a twisted bar connecting to 2 squirrels. Unmarked.

This is a very old figural knife rest with 2 squirrels holding up the rest/bar. Unmarked. In excellent condition.

Another squirrel knife rest with dirrent looking squirrels.
Marked Simpson Hall Miller & Co. 14.