Figural Napkin Rings with fruit, berries, leaves or branches
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napkin ring with strawberry and leaves, unmarked, professionally resilvered

5 x napkin ring on large leaf with pear (?) fruit and leaves, sitting on a large leaf base (with a bug on it too), marked Barbour Silver Co.2902.
Note the leaf base is not always the same size or shape. some are rounded and some pointed.
Even 2 have slightly bigger rings. Interesting that same engraving on ring.
It is shown in the collector's book "Figural Napkin Rings: Collector's Identification and Value Guide", by Gottschalk and Whitson in plate 475 on page 196.
They valued it as grade C+ and valued it at $200-$350 in 1996

3 x napkin ring with hammered arts and crafts finish with fruit (pear?) and leaves, marked 045.

napkin ring with large 6 leaf base with strawberry and leaf hanging from the top, unmarked, professionally resilvered

square figural napkin ring with small berry on top, with leaves and sticks on the sides, unmarked

Two fruit figural napkin rings. One has a large peach with leaves on one side, and the other has pears and leaves on both sides of the napkin ring. The rings are not marked with the maker's name.

This ring has the same branches and leaves as in the ring above but with a circular ring.

  2 x napkin ring sitting on two branch scrolls with rose bud and leaves on both sides, unmarked, which is standard for this napkin ring.
One of the rings in the lower picture (one on the right) has moved on.  Also note that the rings in the 2 pictures has slighly different milling thickness on the napkin holder.

detail engraved napkin ring with berry and leaf, unmarked

This napkin ring sits on a decorated rectangular base with a berry and 3 leaves on either side of the ring. Marked Torronto S.P. Compant number 1141. In excellent condition with great patina.

This is a lovely leaf and flower design figural napkin ring, with a woven look about the ring.
It is very rare. Trust me.
I have only ever seen one with a similar partern, but not exactly the same.
It is marked Toronto SP Co. number 1100.

napkin ring on circular base with berries and leaves on the sides, marked Hartford Silver Plate Co. 029

This figural napkin ring is similar to the one above but the ring (I mean the napkin holder) is different.
Also marked
Hartford Silver Plate Co. 029, with an extra mark underneath I cannot quite determine, looks a bit like the mirror of a "1".

handled napkin ring with embossed fruit and berries on leaf base, unmarked

a bit similar to the one above with leaf and strawberries. Marked in reverese Webster Silver plate Co. 199 (I think).
This is a common feature with a few other Webster figural napkin rings. See under birds, one with a cardinal.

napkin ring on pyramid leaf base (holly?) with berry (and leaf) decorations to base and on top,
marked Meriden Silver Plate Co. 265

2 x a figural napkin ring with a long base with fan/palm leaves and fruit/berries/seeds running to the top.
Marked Meriden Silver Plate Co. 252.

This figural napkin ring has a similar leaf to the one above (with a handle/stem),
with a bee sitting on top, and a flower emerging on the other side.
Marked 253. In excellent condition.

has a leaf branch coming up teh side of the ring and 3 flowers are the base. marked 042.

This figural napkin ring is shaped like a saddle, with branches levaes and a bug or bee on each side.
Marked Poole Silver Co. 137

Similar to the one above.
Marked van Bergh Silver Co. 98

2 x A lovely square napkin ring with 2 leaves on either side, on a rectangular base, marked Knickerbocker 1243.
In excellent condition. One has a corner bent up (easy fix).

  3x This figural napkin ring has a maple leaf or an oak leaf on either side of the napkin ring.
It is marked Meriden Silver Plate Co. 218.

A nice Acme Silver Co. (Toronto) figural napkin ring with a flower and 3 leaves on either side of the napkin ring. Marked number 717.
the ring is a bit out of shape but I will have it rounded on an anvil soon.

Lovely flowers and leaves on either side of this figural napkin ring. Not marked as to maker or numbered. Looks to have been replated.

a bunch of grapes cascades on one side of a napkin ring shaped like a barrel. Marked Toronto 733.
It is quite funny that this base is also stamped with the inverse of the Toronto stamp.

Standard Silver Co. #732

Standard Silver Co. #791

Similar in design to one above. Marked Toronto 731

Similar to one above and above that with grapes and leaves. Marked Toronto 1166.
Seems Toronto Silver plate company made a lot of fruit theme figural napkin rings.
Excellent condition.

Middletown 132

Very ornate figural napkin ring with grapes and vine leaves under the napkin holder.
Acme Silver Co. 730.

2 x napkin ring with lily flower/pod on lily pad, marked Meriden B Company 166.

  19 x napkin ring on large lily pad base with bud and stem handle. Classic design. Very popular.
15 are marked Rogers Smith & Co. Meriden or Meriden B. Company 168. 
4 are marked Simpson Hall Miller & Co. 04.

2 x napkin ring on large lily pad base with bud and stem handle, similar to ones above, probably made earlier because of low number, marked Meriden Britannia Company #30.

  4 x napkin ring on shaped lily pad base with 3 open flowers and stem handle, marked Middletown Silver Co. 96.
Note shape of leaf base, and even the flowers, as they differe from the ones below.

2 x very similar to above but slight differences, marked Middletown 97

2x Much like the above two napkin rings, except has a thinner handle and the flowers are more opened.
The first has a partial selective gold wash on places. Quite stunning actually.
The second has been replated and is in excellent condition.
Both are marked as made by Toronto S.P. Co. number 1145.

Another ring like the above. Looks much like the one above, but is marked Toronto Silver Plate 1187.

This is similar to thsoe above and is also marked Toronto Silver plate Co, but no number.
NOTE that the flowers are on the other side, and the engraving on the ring is very different.
The flower stems are also a bit longer.

2 x This is yet another figural napkin ring that is in the same style as the ones above.
It has a chrysanthemum coming out of the side instead of a lily or rose bud or 3 flowers.
It is marked Toronto S.P. Co. 729.
It looks to have been replated with a gold wash.

again similar to above, marked Middletown 139 (2 rings)

3 x napkin ring on leaf base with stem handle and large star shaped flower.
The first ring is unmarked and has a dark patina. The second and third rings are marked MB Co. 298 USA
and Meriden B Company 298 respectively.

napkin ring with simple flower decorations, unmarked

  2x napkin ring with star shaped leaf base with open flower on one side, marked Meriden B Company 162.
I no longer have the one on the left.

barrel shaped napkin ring with leaf and twigs on the sides, unmarked. I no longer have the one on the right.

barrel shaped napkin rings with leaf and twigs on each side, unmarked, one with engraved viens on sides

Like the one abobe but marked Simpson Hall Miller and Co. A number is also engaved on bottom.

Another two napkin rings decorated with twigs and leaves, one is in the shape of a barrel. I cannot see a makers name or number on them, but they are authentic.

Here is another napkin ring in the same theme as the few above but with a slightly bigger leaf and branch.
This one is marked Meriden B Company 625.

Like the one above.

another barrel, twig and ( larger) leaf design napkin ring (on the left), in excellent condition, not marked as to maker and number.

napkin ring with large flower base, unmarked

napkin ring on large leaf with twig handle, decorated with fruit and small leaf.
There is also a bug on the leaf. marked Hartford 024

2 x This figural napkin ring looks practically identical to the one above but is marked Hartford Silver Co. 2901

This figural napkin ring also sits on a leaf base and has a berry resting on the base, with a handle.
Marked Toronto SP Company 14. In excellent condition. 

  A large well formed rose with leaves decorates this napkin ring which sits on an oval tiered and footed base, marked Winsted Silverplate Co.. I cannot find out much about this company, but they are noted as a 19th century silverplate company based in Winsted,  and they are mentioned in Gottschalk & Whitson's book on Figural Napkin Rings. This particular ring was also made by the Wm Rogers Mfg Co, as noted in Gotschalk and Whitson's book, and was numbered number 4. The Wm Rogers Mfg Co. is one of the oldest silverplate companies in the USA, and this being numbered "4" would make it one of the first figural napkin rings which was produced after 1869, when it all started. The napkin rings I have are also marked number 4. The condition is excellent to near mint, no plate wear, nice patina, no dents, etc..I only have one of these figural napkin rings now. I think the one on the right has gone.

Somewhat similar to th one above with a flower surrounded by leaves.
This one is marked Wm Rogers Mfg. Co. #4

a barrel shaped napkin ring sits on 2 crossed branches (on eother side). Condition is excellent.
It has the number 14 scratched on it. Definitely original, not in books though.

a beautifully designed figural napkin ring with flowers and leaves on both sides of the ring on a rectangular base with ball feet.
Marked Acme Silver Co. #723. In great vintage condition.

a beautifully designed figural napkin ring with a large flower on either side of the napkin ring, which is elevated on 4 prongs.
The rectangualr base is highly decorated with leaves along the edge and sits on 4 ball feet.
In excellent condition, marked  on a rectangular base with ball feet.
Marked Acme Silver Co. Torronto #718.

This figural napkin ring is similar to the ones above. It has 3 flowers and 3 flower buds. It is marked Reed & Barton 1266.
The inside of the ring is scratched, suggesting it was re-rounded, and replated some time ago.

2 x A lovely napkin ring sitting on a large leaf base 3 small leaves and cherries hanging from a branch.
The base actually has 4 half-ball feet underneath.
Marked Middletown Plate Co. 142. In excellent near mint one with nice patina, second shiny, may have been replated.

This figural napkin ring has two cherries (or some sort of berries) on two leaves,
with branches criss crossing underneath for support. Marked 206. maker not visible.
Has a fabulous dark patina. 

A lovely figural napkin ring with great patina, with a pear and leaves on the side of an oblong shaped napkin ring all on a leaf base.
Marked Toronto S.P. Co. 1187. In great condition.
Not shown in G&W, so rare.

Previous in the series to the FNR above, this FNR has two cherries hanging off a branch with an oblong shaped ring.
Marked Toronto S.P. Co. 1186. In great condition. Not shown in G&W, so rare.

This is similar to the figural napkin ring above with an oblong shaped ring. It has a berry instead.
Marked Toronto Silver plate Co. 1170.

This napkin ring is adorned with a rose, branches and leaves. Marked Meriden B Company 292.

two leafy supports on a plinth base support a napkin ring marked with grooves on either side. Marked Pairpoint Mfg. Co. #6.

2 x rectangular c1900 figural napkin rings with a rose bud and rose leaf decoration on top. They belonged to Bud and Mary (probably a married couple). The rings look similar but different, but I think you will find that the bottom leaf on the right side ring has been raised with respect to the corresponding leaf on the left side ring. It may have been made that way. They are unmarked but are authentic Victorian and look to be silverplated. I may investgate further at a later date.

This is another pair of rings with 4 leaves forming the base and the napkin holder consists of two crossed ribbons.
There is a flower on top of ribbons where they cross. They are marked on opposite ends. Note where the flowers sits.
The makers mark is MH which stands for Martin Hall.
There is also a Victorian diamond registration make which dates to May 1877.

This is a lovely flower and leaf silverplate figural napkin ring, unmarked as to maker but numbered "66" or "99".

This looks to be a very old somewhat simpler figural napkin ring with leaves and berries.
The makers mark is hard to reda but I believe it is Middletown Plate Co.
The number is much clearer and is 106.

This figural napkin ring has a thsitle with a large amethyst stone as the flower.
marked EPNS England

This figural napkin ring has a flower eminating on one side of the ring and shooting over the top to the other side.
It is marked Riockford 86

2 x A tall figural napkin ring with leaves and flowers scrolling down the sides on a circular base.
Marked Aurora S.P. Mfg. Co. 38

This is a most unusual FNr with has the napkin holder sitting on a base made of branches leaves and two cross bars.
Maker and number do not seem to me marked but I have seen another just like it before so authentic.
Shown in G&W on page 249, plate 608, where it notes that maker and number were not marked as well.
They placed this in th Miscellaneous section of their book, even though it has leaves and branches.
This is a rather largish impressive FNR.

2 x This figural napkin ring has a calla lily flower with 3 leaves.
Marked Barbour Bros. Co. , number not shown on forst one but second marked number 6.
G&W say it is number 9 but I think it is 6. 

3 stragglers. Another barrel ring (unmarked). A simple ring with sticks and leaf in sides.
And an interesting napkin holder espergne vase marked Rogers Smith & Co 160.