Here are my figural napkin rings with a people (female) theme (includes some Kate Greenaway figurals).

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  4 x Little Red Riding Hood, Reed & Barton 1492 KHH

Another figural napkin ring. This one is made by Pelton Bros. with no number,
which is how it was made according to G&W

This figural napkin ring also has Little Red Riding Hood but is a bit different.
Marked Pelton Bros, St. Louis, as in G&W but base is different. Missing handle on basket.
It looks authentic to me as the pattern on the edge of the ring matches the pattern around the edge of the base.

3 x A Kate Greenaway child sits on a chair of a carpet designed base. Marked Middleton Plate 98.
In mint condition. Does not look to have been replated, just stored away and never used. What a find.
Second is in great condition. Nice patina. Just needs a clean.
This figural napkin ring is shown in the book by Gottschalk and Whitson's book "Figural napkin Rings: Collectors Identification and Value Guild", on page 207 in plate 507, in the Kate Greenaway Section. 68. They valued it at $500 and up in 1996. This ring recently sold for $2250 plus 20% premium = $2700 at auction in the USA.  See above.

This is a very rare figural napkin ring which has a lady watering a flower withn a watering can.
The lady has a lovely gold-washed dress and there use to be gold wash around the edges.
The napkin ring is a bit bent, but I will straighten it one day on my anvil.
It is marked Meriden Silverplate Co. 0229.
I also have this vase with the same figure, listed elsewhere.

2 x A boy with hoop and a girl with a stick play "stick and hoop" (believe is old Victorian game

to see if you can twirl the hoop on the stick the best.). Marked Meriden Silverplate Co. 0237.
One the rings is missing the hoop and stick, but it is a very rare ring nonetheless. 

Kate Greenaway Girl holding ring on base with figural swans corners, number  15

This figural napkin ring has a Kate Greenaway girl pushing or holding the ring in front of her.
One is marked Toronto S.P. Co. 115, while the other seems to be 1154. Need to check this.

4 x This is a very rare and highly sort after Kate Greenaway figural napkin ring.
It is particularly hard to find in great condition like this one. With most that appear from time to time the rifle is broken.
These two are in very good condition. Marked Simpson Hall Miller & Co. 205.
It is shown in the book "Figural Napkin Rings: Collector's Identification and Value Guide", by Gottschalk and Whitson (G&W) on page 220, in plate 541.
They valued this figural napkin ring in 1996 at $500 USD and up. I have been told that this ring sold for $4000 (yes $4000!) on ebay a few years ago.

4 x This figural napkin ring has the above Kate Greenaway girl using the napkin holder as if it was a drum.
The napkin holder hangs with a string/wire from her neck.
She is holding one drumstick in her hand and the napkin holder/drum sits on the other.
Marked Simpson Hall Miller &Co. 031.
Shown in G&W page 220 plate 540.
They valued it at $350-500 in 1996. 

This figural napkin ring has the typical Kate Greenaway girl as in the rings above with
the napkin holder/ring being her skirt or lower body. The ring is decorated with leaves
and berries on both sides. It marked WM Rogers Mfg Co. Hartford 279.
This figural napkin ring is shown in the book "Figural Napkin Rings: Collector's Identification and Value Guide", by Gottschalk and Whitson (G&W), in plate 534 on page 218.
They valued it as between $200 and $350 in 1996. CKH


bust of woman with base, unmarked

2 x a proud confident lady with hands on hips, maybe ready to dance.
The ring is unmarked (except for a 02?)
but is located in G&W to have been made by Barbour Silver Co. # 2903 (see G&W page 284).

3 x girl keeping hands warm, alongside napkin ring, unmarked.
It is not shown in G&W, so is rare. The same girl appears in a similar figural napkin rings in plate 556 on page 227. That ring is also unmarked as to maker or number. They valued it at $200-$350 in 1996. The same girl with hands in muffs appears in plates 557 (with a dog), 558 (with a sister) and on her own again in plate 559. They valued all of the latter rings to be $350-$500.

3 x A little girl with a bonnet over her head sits next to this figural napkin ring.
The first ring is not marked but is guaranteed to be old and authentic.
It is in G&W's book as such. In excellent condition.
The ring is a bit smaller than other rings, so was probably made for a child.
The second one is actually marked Barbour Silver Co. 12, so we do have the maker and number.

A slightly older girl sits on a mat (to slide on perhaps) next to a ring.
Marked Derby Silverplate Co. 561.

girl keeping hands warm, standing in front of napkin ring, unmarked

A girl standing on a oval base with shaped ring, holding flowers is seems. Marked
Derby Silver Co. 319. Very RARE. shown in G&W plate 682 page 276.
Overall a nice size up ring. Bad photo. Ring is nice condition with patina.

A woman is sitting on a snail reading a book in this FNR.
Marked 0262.
Shown in G&W page 277 in plate 684.
Marked number only, as above.
Nice aged condition.

A small kate Greenaway girl is sitting next to a smallish (child size) napkin holder.
Maker and number unmarked, as shown in G&W plate 554, page 226.

ladt stands alongside napkin ring on sled/sleigh, unmarked

These are a pair, and probably belonged to a married couple (monogrammed "Jack" and "Sarah").
Note that they have different patterns on the napkin ring itself. One is decorated with crosses.

7 x Kate Greenaway girl rolling ring, number 032. $$ MIGHT JUST BE SIX
It is shown in the collector's book "Figural Napkin Rings: Collector's Identification and Value Guide", by Gottschalk and Whitson in plate 539 on page 220.
They valued it at $200-$350 in 1996. 

Last one is in near mint condition, and is mine, as has name "George" on it.

girl standing in front of napkin ring warming hands,
marked but hard to read, maybe Reed & Barton

large girl standing in front of napkin ring, marked  Barbour Bros, cannot see number, looks like partner to the similar Tom Sawyer napkin ring also made by barbour Bros.

Kate Grenaway girl rolling ring on base
Marked Barbour Bros.

Kate Greenaway girl rolling ring, pewter, marked Miller SP Co., but looks to be a pewter finish.

lady with water bottle standing alongside napkin ring

This figural napkin ring has the same lady as in the above ring,
but now standing in a different direction to the rings and both sit on a circular base.
Marked J.A. Eisenhart, Baltimore, Maryland. the number 4 is etched on the bottom of the woman.

lady dancing in front of hexagonal napkin ring

girl eating or crying in front of napkin ring

girl carrying basket of flowers in front of napkin ring

Kate Greenaway girl with hands in muff, with dog on other side of ring.
In excellent condition. Marked Derby Silver Co. 314

This is a fabulous Kate Greenaway napkin ring with a girl and a bulldog. It is marked Homan Silver Plate 297

Another kategreenawy girl with a dog standing on top of thr ing facing the girl.
Marked West Silver Co. 244

This figural napkin ring is very rare and has a Kate Grenaway girl and greyhound standing next to a doghouse.
It is marked Simpson Hall Miller & Co. 039

A Kate Greenaway girl sits on a wooden post fence with the ring/holder underneath her feet.
A similar ring is shown in G&W  on page  222 plate 545 with no ring under the girls feet.
The one shown in G&W is missing a sideways branch.  It could have been  made with and without the ring.
The buyer who had it made might have insisted that it has a ring attached.
It all looks rather authenic. Mine is marked with a maker and number but hard to read.
The one in G&W is not marked.

This is a fabulous napkin ring depicting a woman on a sled. It is marked Rogers Silver Co. 273, condition is  near mint, absolutely flawless.

  2 x a lovely ring with a very detailed girl holding onto the sides of the napkin ring.
It is marked Meriden B Company 280. Both in excellent condition.

This figural napkin ring has a girl lying (face down) on her knees and elbows on an oval shaped base with an American flag inpressed on it. The napkin holder sits on her back. It has a flared edge. This figural napkin ring is marked Wilcox Silver plate Co. 01548. There is a corresponding figural napkin ring with the girl lying on her back face up.

This figural napkin ring is the partner to the one above. It has a large girl standing in front of the napkin ring.
It is marked Meriden B Company 250. In excellent condition. This is authentic.

A Kate Greenaway girl is pulling a cart on wheels behind her.
Marked 030 on girls foot, just as in G&W (page 221 plate 542).
Maker has been located to be Simpson Hall Miller &Co.
In excellent condition. Very rare original.
Fake similar to this ring often appear with incorrect ring and/or harness.


5 x This is a beautiful figural napkin ring which has 2 girls climbing a double ladder facing each other.
Marked Simpson Hall Miller &Co. 209. One is also marked X100 which I believe means it was resilvered with 100% silver.
The last one has alos been resilvered.

This is a large figural napkin ring with a Victorian lady carrying the napkin ring on her back with a chain, follwed by a small dog.
The detail is fabulous. It is marked Reed & Barton 1175. In very good condition.

2 x This figural napkin ring has a lady with an umbrella/parasol standing on one side of the napkin holder with a dog of the other side.
The holder sits on a pedestal. Marked James W Tufts 1590. KKH.
The second one is in much better condition. This napkin ring has sold for $1920 USD At Woody's Austions in 2017. It has been passed twice
(reserve not met) at Dan Murphys Auctions in 2009 and 2014.

2 x This is an extremly arre Kate Greenaway fifural napkin ring which has a girl teaching a dog/poodle the alphabet.
Marked James W Tufts 1669. The second example has the stick stuck underneath the base to be resoldered on.

a Kate Greenaway girl stands on two branches with the napkin ring in front of her as it she is riding a stand up sled, with 3 owls at the front.
Numbered 206 on the bottom of the girl's foot. Nice original condition with darkish patina

In the rare Kate Greenaway girl figural napkin ring, the girl is being pulled alomg by two geese (ruins are missing).
The girl should also be holding a stick in her hand.
Marked Meriden Silverplate Co. 0238

A girl plays with a dog with a ball on a base decorated with flowers and crosses. Marked Cromwell Plate Co. and numbered 171. This is the same pigtailed girl that appears in another napkin ring above. In excellent condition with nice patina.

3 x Two ladies stand on either sied of the napkin ring which actually rests on their backs on a lovely oval ornate decorated base.
Marked Meriden Silver Plate Co. 273.
The engravings on all 3 rings is slightly different but the ring shape/design is the same.

This figural napkin ring has lady liberty holding a wreath in front of a square/diamond-shaped which is impressed with flowers leaves and scrolls. the base is rectangualr. Nice dark patina but some pitting especially on the base. Marked Reed & Barton #1884. This ring is c1875. I believe this is Lady Liberty, as in the Statue of Liberty.

This figural napkin ring also also has a figure that looks like Lady Liberty holding up a salt bowl, which looks to have been gold washed on the inside to reduce corrosion by salt. It is marked Middletown Silver plate Co. 243.

This figural napkin ring has a lady (possibly Egyptian, or other northern African) holding bowl on her head, on top of which sits the napkin holder. It is marked as having been made by Pelton Bros., St Louis, triple plate. I cannot see a number. It looks to have a name and the date 1910 inscribed on the inside of the napkin holder (That would have been difficult to do.).

This figural napkin ring has a young lady sitting on a typical Reed & Barton base next to a very ornate pieced scroll-work napkin holder.
It is marked Reed & Barton !829. It is not shown in G&W but is shown in schnadig's book.
There is an espergne vase or candle holder and mabye even a card receiving tray with the same figure.

This is a beautiful Kate Greenaway girl ot lady FNR also with a pieced (actually molded such).
It is marked james W Tufts 1615.

This figural napkin ring has two women carrying bowls on their heads on either side
of the napkin holder. Marked Redfield & Rice, New York.

A Lady is seated on a stool holder the napkin holer on her lap.
It is marked Wilcox Silver plate Co. 4336.
Shown on page 236 in plate 577 in G&W.
Valued at $500 and up in 1996.

   I lady stands with a telescope.
Marked Southington Cutley Co, 40.

A fine lady stand behing a ring almost as if she is gentally rolling it.
Marked Southington Cutlery Company no. (?) 288.

This looks like the chief maid waiting upon thee.
Marked Rogers Smith & Co. 1475.
Have seen before. Not very often. Authentic. Found her. That was cheap.


3 x This is a super rare figural napkin ring 2 girls (one appears to be a child) playing around a ring.
The youngest girl is in a tree is seems.
It is made by Simpson Hall Miller & Co. 027