Figural napkin rings with deer, fawns or elands.
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  4 x large deer with napkin ring on back, marked Meriden B Company 204.
The first two are in excellent condition.
The antlers on the last ring are broken as can be seen in the photo. Otherwise in very good condition.
This napkin ring is shown in the book "Figural Napkin Rings: Collector's Identification and Value Guide", by Gottschalk and Whitson (G&W), on page 52, plate 107.
They valued it at $350-500 in 1996.
In 2007, this napkin ring sold for $720 USD at auction. On ebay, a deer, with no ring at all, sold for $550 AUD (probably to use as a paperweight) just a few years ago. SKH

This has to be one of the best napkin rings that has come my way.
It has a baby deer (or is it a fawn?) standing at a fence along a beautifully shaped napkin holder.
In excellent condition, marked 0282, attributed to Meriden Silver Plate Co., in book by Victor Schnadig.

4 x If you see a better prettier napkin ring than this, please tell me.
It is just amazing to see it in the flesh. Marked James W Tufts 1568.
Although I have 4, this ring it is extremely rare. 
It is shown in the book by Gottschalk and Whitson, "Figural Napkin Rings: Collector's Identification and Value Guide", on page 52 in plate 108.
They valued it at $200 to $350 in 1996. 
It is actually quite rare, especially to find it in this condition, and is a very impressive ring. IKH

A deer is pulling a highly decorated sleigh in this figural napkin ring.
Marked Toronto S. P. Co. 1111. rare as hen's teeth.

This figural napkin ring has a fawn (at first I though it was a kangaroo woth its tail missing but it is a fawn) next to a napkin holder shaped like 3 rings put together. It is unmarked, authentic and very rare. Maker and number are not marked but it has an old monogram on it. Unfortunately part of one of the front legs of the fawn is missing, and one ear is broken.

This figural napkin ring has a deer or fawn standing on a circular base next to a nicely shaped napkin holder.
In excellent condition. It is only marked 165, which is just what Gottschalk and Whitson say anyhow.

This figural napkin ring deer standing ascure to a square base with the ring on its side.
It is marked Toronto Silverplate Co. 13 

This is cute as.  It has a baby deer/fawn standing on a square base with protruding corners, next to a lovely napkin ring embossed with a cherub and flowers. Marked Reed & Bartin 1807.

Two deers sit on either side of this napkin ring connected to them by their antlers. Marked Webster 158.

deer pulling ring on wheels, unmarked. deer is identical to deer found on toronto napkin rings, quite detailed

Two similar deer figural napkin rings. Both have a deer's head mount on the napkin holder with a "jewel" above its head.
One of the rings is oval shaped and the other oval with a flat section.
The one with an amber stone is marked EPNS with a leaf or crown and something else I cannot make out.
The other is marked EPNS only.