Figural napkin ring combination sets with open salt and/or a pepper shaker. 
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Webster & Bro. number 9

Meriden Silver Plate Co. number 125

Marked 111. Depicts lady carrying bowl on her head with palm leave base.

Rockford Silver Company 110

Marked Hartford 650. This has the original salt and pepper pot, which match perfectly the patterns on the other parts.
See photo below of similar item in G&W but with two salt and pepper pots that are not original.

Meriden B Company #33

This figural combination set napkin ring has a campfire feel to it, with a hanging pot/billy and a frying pan.
The frying pan is the butter pat. Marked Racine S.P. Co. 132.

This combination set is very similar to the one above, as it also consists of branches, a barrel, a bucket and a milk churn.
This one is marked as made by Bailet & Brainard, Cobalt Conn. #45

A super combination set with a geometric design. Has a toothpick holder, salt, pepper and butter pat.
Marked Middletown 9.

Wilcox, Meriden 1660

Aurora Silver plate Co. 362

This is a bird design figural napkin ring combination set. It is not marked as to maker or numbered as far as I can tell. It comes complete with the butter plate (or pat as they refer to it in the USA). It sits in top of the base. There is a flying overhead undeneath the napkin holder. The salt and pepper set sit on the sides. There is an ornate frame behind. 

A swooping bird sits o top of a pole, with the salt, pepper pot and napkin ring all removable.
Amazing nothing got lost. Very detailed.
Marked Taunton Silverplate Co. 3.
Shown in G&W on page 156 in plate 380

Thiws is an oriental design combination set figural napkin ring. The same oriental fan appears on a few figural napkin rings.
I am not sure but this set may have come with a pepper pot and even a salt pot. It is marked Derby Silver Co. 509.

Meriden number 22

Pairpoint 205

Rogers Smith & Co. (meriden 21

This combination set has a salt and pepper shaped like eggs which sit in cups with a napkin ring and handle and butter pat.
It is marked Aurora Silverplate co. 374

Similar to the one above, also made by Aurora.

An oriental aesthetic design combination set with bamboo stem with leaves and flowers and with a "flag" at the top.
There is also a small sphinx on the raised base. Marked Meriden Silverplate Co. 141.

A stunning combination figural napkin ring set, with handle scrolls salt bowl, pepper pot and a vinigar bottle.
marked Meriden B Company 24.

This combination set is featured in my cherubs section.

ditto. This combination set is featured in my cherubs section.

ditto. This combination set is featured in my cherubs section.

ditto. This combination set is featured in my cherubs section.

A large bidr holds a narrow ring holder on its back,
 flacked by the salt and pepper holder stands, with a handle and all on a raised circular base.
I believe the butter pat (American for small plate) sat on the base.

This is a super figural napkin ring combination set which has a lady holding teh ring in front of her.
I have a figural sugar bowl with the same lady but wheeling a pram.
Marked Wilcox Silver Plate Co. 3608.
Comes with a sterling silver salt spoon.

This rare figural napkin ring combination breakfast set comes with a little girl sitting at a table,
with the table forming the ring.  Marked Middletown Silver Plate Co. 23.

A lovely combination set with a baby chick standing on a broken egg which forms the salt. The napkin holder sits behind and looks a bit like a chicken house (I think....has wooden grain in metal). There is also a pepper pot on top which sits inside a half broken egg shell. Marked Wilcox silverplate Co. I cannot see any number. Shown in G&W page 149, plate 363, where they also say it should have the number 4100. This piece looks to have been silverplated. There is some old corrosion inside the salt (expected) that has been replated over. Overall in very good condition.

A Pairpoint figural nakin ring combination with separate salt, pepper pot and butter pat.
Number 214.

2 x salt and pepper marked with a "2". According to books (G&W) it is made by Taunton Silver Co.


This is similiar to one above but it is marked number "3". Probably also made by Taunton.

unmarked. A nice barrel ring with a salt on top supported by crossed branches

Western Silverplate Co.325


This is one of the most remarkable figural napkin ring combination sets I have ever seen.
It is not in the book by G&W, so super rare, and it is in near mint condition.
It may be hard to see but the napkin holder (the ring) and the boy's pants, and the upper parts of the salt and pepper pots, have their origoinal gold-wash.
It has a boy dressed as a jockey looking like he is about to play drums.
Complete with original salt, pepper and butter pat. I cannot see the makers name but it is numbered 657.
All the engravings on the salt, pepper ring and plate match. LKHH+

This is a one-off combination set that is not in G&W.
It has folded leaves to form the napkin holder and apples to form the salt and papper shakers.
Marked hartford Silver plate Company 658, maybe followed by .A. ??