Figural Napkin Rings with a Chicks, Chickens, and Wishbones
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2 x a chick's head protrudes from the top of a jagged egg shaped napkin ring with two wishbones underneath.
The first one is numbered 161, and the second is marked Toronto Silver Plate Co, 1210. The second one looks to have been replated.
Last one has a hallmark underneath but I am unable to read it.  
NOT shown in the book "Figural Napkin Rings: Collector's Identification and Value Guide", by Gottschalk and Whitson (G&W), so is quite rare

This oner has a smaller head than the 2 napkin rings  above.
Photos makes it look quite shiny but it is partially tarnished with some patina.
It has a stamp on bottom but looks like it was double stamped in same place.

a chick's head (aslo small) protrudes from the top of a jagged egg shaped napkin ring with two wishbones curled around the sides, marked Toronto Silver Plate Co., cannot see a number.

this napkin ring has English style silverplate hallmarks and marked EPBM

this is the only napkin ring I have, or have seen, still in its original box, in mint condition, ring is marked 70, box says it is made by Rodgers.
It is quite amazing that this ring has been kept in its original box for some 120 years.

I have one other like above. a bit dusty. In excellent condition.

3 x chick and wishbone napkin rings with a SQUARE shaped napkin ring, unmarked.
all in pretty average condition.

like the above rings but the cornres are cut in.

Another 2 more of the above, both in near mint condition. The bottom of these is marked Knickerbocker Silver Co. I can't see a number.

a chick stands in front of this decorated napkin ring, marked Derby Silver Co. on coin underneath chick

3 x a chick stands in front of a decorated napkin ring, marked Rogers & Bro. 266, in mint condition.
I found an extra one of above and added it to storage.

a chick stands on a circular base next to a napkin ring. Marked Van Bergh Silver Plate Co. Rochester NY #63

Another chick and wishbone napkin ring, with an unusual shaped napkin ring. marked van Bergh Silver Plate Co.
The number is a bit hard to read, could be 37 or 87.

Yet another chick on a wishbone figural napkin ring. This one is marked Warren Silver Plate Co. 70.

A chick sits on awishbone with leave base with "Best wishes" embrossed on top.
Made by meriden B Company 637.
In excelllent condition.
This is a rather larger and more impressive ring.

a lovely simple napkin ring with a chick. Looks to have been professional resilvered. In mint condition, unmarked.

3 x a chick stands in front of a frill shaped napkin ring, unmarked.
They has slightly different engravings on the ring suggesting they were hand engraved.
The second one is covered in dust.

This figural napkin ring is very similar to the one above with a more exagerated wavy edge, unmarked.

This figural napkin ring is similar to the one able, but the ring is slightly different, the chick sits sideways to the ring and they both sit on a wishbone.
It has a coin stamped on the bottom of the chick saying it is made by Knickbocker Silver Co.

2 x a chick stands in front of a waist shaped engraved napkin ring, unmarked

Another 3 as above. I think there may be a fourth matching these someone.
Ask me if you are interesetd in a set of 4 matching very well.
These figural napkin rings also seem to have an ever so slight gold ting/wash to them.

This figural napkin ring has a chick standing along side a shaped ring with a flower and leaf design scroll behind the chick.
It is marked M. B. Co. 297 (for Meriden Britannia Company)

This is one of the more ornate/detailed figural napkin rings with a chick theme. It is marked Tufts 1618.

It is common to see a bird perched up like this on a napkin holder with a base, but not a chick. This piece looks to have been resilvered and is in excellent display condition.
The base seems to have leaves and strawberries, and the figural napkin ring is marked Stix & D'Allemand, New York, Quadruple Plate.
I cannot see a pattern number on it, but that may be because Stix & D'Allemand didn't make many figural napkin rings.

This ring is very similar, practically the same, just a different engraving on the ring.
It is marked as made by Connecticut Silver Plate Co., Triple Plate.
There is no number.

This is a real wow and rare FNR.
It has a chick pulling the ring behind on wheels like a cart.
Maker and number not marked as shown in G&W on page 110 in plate 260..
Mint condition.

a very rare napkin clip with a chick sitting on the top. marked as made by James W Tufts #1608. Beauifully balanced.

2 x a hen sits alongside this napkin ring, marked Roger Smith & Co. Meriden CT 267 USA, in excellent condition.

a rooster stands alongside this napkin ring, marked Rogers & Son, Hartford, Conn, 16.  In excellent condition.

A large rooster stand chest-on to the napkin holder.
Marked Pairpoint Mfg. Co. 58.
Shown in G&W in plate 254 on page 108

This is an extremely rare figural napkin ring with a large rooster/cock.
Marked as made by Pairpoint Mfg. Co. Cannot see a number.
Definitely authentic and actually quite majestic too.
I paid a lot for this ring. A lot. CHH

Napkin ring has a hen out in the yard with a rake on the ground. The ring needs to be restraightened. marked Webster Mf'g #156

2 x Another figural napkin ring with the hen and rake theme but on a circular base. Marked E.G. Webster & Bro NY #172.
This figural napkin ring is shown in the book by Gottschalk and Whitson's book "Figural napkin Rings: Collectors Identification and Value Guild", in plate 252 on page 107.
They valued it at $200 - 350 in 1996. AAK

This figural napkin ring has a chicken peering around the napkin holder with a bee (or fly) on the other side of the hodler.
It is marked Aurora S.P. Mfg. Co., Triple Plate #52. The chicken needs to be repositioned/soldered onto its feet.

Another one like the one above but in excellent condition.

This figural napkin ring has a hen, a chickand a wishbone.
The top of the hodler is engraved, "What's the matter with me?"
I cannot see any maker's mark of number.

a most unusual chick and wishbone napkin ring in a base with a foot protruding from the side, marked Wilcox 4392, in excellent condition.

a large chick on a wishbone faces a napkin ring with a decorated edge, unmarked

3 x chick on wishbone napkin rings, marked Derby Silver Co. 335, but different hallmarking, three with a coin.

two very similar chick on wishbone napkin rings, one on left is marked 148, one on right is marked Toronto 760.

a chick on wishbone napkin ring, similar to ones above but chick is connected to the other side  of the wishbone in this one, unmarked.

This figural napkin ring is similar to the one above but the chick actually sits on the wishbone. Unmarked.

a large chick on wishbone napkin ring, engraved GOOD MORNING, unmarked as to maker and number.

Much as above but with wings and stamped Toronto Silverplate Co. This ring has an excellent patina.
When I was storing it I found it hard to see the amkers mark. Marked on wishbone. FFS.

A mean-looking chcik (or bird) stands over a lovely decorated napkin ring on an oval base.
Marked Meriden B Company #228.
Has silverplate loss on base, and along the edges of the napkin ring.

In this figural napkin ring a chick stands on a branch (instead of the usual wishbone) next to an engraved round napkin ring.
Marked van Bergh S P Co. Rochester N.Y. #57

Afabulous double-chick figural napkin ring, sitting on a decorative base, marked "80".
In excellent condition, with nice patina. I think that is paper on the inside of the ring.

This napkin ring looks much like the one above but is LARGER.
It is marked van Bergh Silver plate Co. and numbered 80 with a 79 overstamp over the 80 (?)

This a fabulous and very rare figural napkin ring with a chick in front of a music sheet,
which reads "spring, spring, gentle spring". It is not marked as to maker or number but definitely
old and authentic.

This figural napkin ring has a broken egg design with 2 wishbones underneath.
It resembles the chick wishbone ring right at the top of the page. It is unmarked. 

3 x wishbone triangular napkin rings, marked Wilcox 4347

a smallish traingular napkin ring decorated with beaded edging and two wishbones, unmarked

A similar ring to the one above, but marked Meriden B Comany 636
and engraved "best wishes"

2 x a triangular shaped napkin ring with a highly decorated edging, with two wishbones, sitting on four claw shaped bun feet, marked Meriden B Company 630

This figural napkin ring was probably made in England or Australia.
It is marked EPBM (electroplated britannia metal) and has a spiral napkin holder sitting to top of a relatively large wishbone.

4 x ring on wishbone on circular base napkin rings, marked Wilcox 4377

I placed these together as they came from the same estate.
Both of these figural napkin ring is marked as having been made by Wilcox Silverplate Co.
The ring with the large chick has a production number 4392, whereas the other is #4377.
They are both c1880.
The former ring is pictured in Gottschalk & Whitson's book "Figural Napkin Rings: Collector's Identification and Value Guide", on page 111, plate 264.
I guarntee both rings are authentic and about 140 years old.

2 x circular napkin rings with decorated edging and two wishones, unmarked.

This figural napkin ring also has two wishbones with the engraving "Best Wishes".
This one is quite rare.
Marked Meriden Silver Plate Co. 0292

Similar to the one abobe but the ring takes on a cracked egg shape.
Also engraved "Best wishes" 


 5 x A napkin ring decorated with pieced hearts sitting on a wishbone and chicken claw on a heart shaped base also pieced with hearts.
Marked Wilcox 8204.
Not shown in the book by Gottschalk and Whitson's book "Figural napkin Rings: Collectors Identification and Value Guild", so somewhat rare. LLK

This figural napkin ring has a ornate napkin ring decorated with pieced rope like weaving, a wishbone and some decorated Art Nouveau design features on one side and on the vase.
It is marked Meriden Silver plate Co. 0281. In excellent condition.