Figural Napkin Rings with a Chairs
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napkin ring sitting on a wooden branch chair, marked Bailey & Brainard, Cobalt, Conn. 25

A chair figural napkin ring, unmarked, but very similar to the one above. This napkin ring looks to have been replated.

napkin ring sitting on a Victorian balloon back chair, unmarked

napkin ring sitting on an old cottage chair, unmarked

This figural napkin ring has a chair with splayed legs, made of branches. Unmarked as far as I can tell.

4 x napkin ring sitting on an old chair made of branches, unmarked, as far as I can tell.

2 x chair made of branches napkin rings, maker not marked. The napkin rings are quite wide and beautifully engraved.

A small child sized chair figural napkin ring, unmarked as to maker.

2 x A similar chair figural napkin ring with different frame.
Maker and number not marked.

a lovely pair of chair napkin rings. unmarked as to the maker which seems to be quite common with these chair napkin rings
These are the same as the one above

2 x These are very similar to each othert and to the ones above with differently engraved ring and cartouche.

2 x chair figural napkin ring with decorative back. It is does not seem to be marked, but is genuine and authentic with a nice partial patina.
It is pictured in G&W on page 138, plate 333, where they say it is made by Simpsons Hall & Miller Plate Co.
The second one seems to have a taller back.
I cannot locate the marks on mine, which incidentally is taller, plus it might be on the branches.
Also, lots of rings were made which the maker and number marked even if some were marked.
I guarantee it is authentic. They valued it at around $200 in 1996. LMK