Figural Card Receiving Trays
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Figural card receiving tray with little red riding hood.
There is a matching napkin ring with the same girl. Actually two.
The card tray is unmarked. Looks to have been resilvered some time ago and covered in some sort of vanish to protect it from tarnishing.
I cannot find any makers name or number, but I believe it was made by Reed & Barton or Pelton Bros., as they both made the napkin ring.
I believe the makers coin or stamp may have been removed or concealed when it was replated. In very good condition. An amazing piece.

This figural card receiving tray has a girl sitting under a large leaf design top next to a cornucopia.
Marked Reed & barton 2515.

a cherub holds up the tray on a pole which rests on his knee. Made by Middletown Plate Co. #144. In very good condition.

Similar to above. a boy looks to be erecting a pole in the ground on which sits the card tray.
Marked Meriden Silverplate Company 1035. In excellent condition.

This quite similar to the above compote/comport or card receiver tray. The boy is the same but the trunk/stem is not and the bit underneath the tray is different too. This one also has a shovel at teh boy's feet. It looks like there wasn't enough room to put a shovel in the one above this one. It is marked Rogers Smith & Co. 18.

 2 x At the base of this card tray a boy trains a dog to stand (note biscuit in other hand).
Marked Rogers Smith & Co. #141. There is a matching napkin ring to this tray, and a matching toothpick holder. In near mint condition, no exaggeration.

This loverly figural card holder has a Greek loooking woman holding the pole for the tray which is circular.
marked meriden silverplate Co. 1058.

This figural card receiving tray has a chinese man standing under an arched support
decorated with leaves on the sides and 4 flowers at the corners of an oblong base.
Marked Simpson hall Miller & co. 252.

I call this the "Jill and the Beanstalk" tray (reference to "Jack and the Beanstalk" and "Jack and Jill").
Shows a Kate Greenaway girl climbing a vine (note she is holding a really large leaf in her hand).
Made by Simpson Hall Miller & Co., #518.
I managed to get a photograph from a friend from an original Simpson Hall Millar & Co, catalogue (see below).

This figural card receiving tray also has a Kate Greenaway girl climbing a ladder, as in teh card tray above.
Marked Simpson hall Miller & Co. 040.

In this card tray a female cherub, holding a mirror(?), sits perched on top of a shell shapes tray, with a decorative Victorian support and base.
Made by Wilcox Silver Plate Co. #01805.

A lovely card receiving tray with a woman's head on the handle and with a lovely shell shaped tray. The base is tied with 'rope' and tassels.
This piece is not marked as to maker but is a genuine 19th century piece.
There is a hallmark under the shell but it is difficult to read.....could be BB for Barbour brothers, but it really looks more like a James Tufts  piece.
One of the legs is however marked with the number 1421.

In this figural card tray a cherub (half trunk and leaves) holds up a ball which is rge support for the tray which is in the form of a giant lily pad with a lily flower and leaf also to one side. In excellent condition. Made by Meriden B Company #232. Meriden made many figural napkin rings with the lily flower and lily pad in its design. This tray also has the bluebirds on the edge of the base which is another hallmark of Meriden B Company.

This card tray matches somewhat the card tray above. I obtained them from the same estate. It has a similar shaped tray (like a giant lily pad/leaf) with very similar decorations.
Marked Meriden B Company #231, so they were consequative in a series with each other.

This lovely little card tray has a very decorative tray with cherub writing on something surrounded by vines. The base has three interesting legs with a head at the top (looks to be that of an ancient Greek), ending with hoofed feet sitting on shells. Made by Meriden Silverplate Co. #0100.
The "Jill and the Beanstalk" tray above has a very similar top to this card tray.

This is a very ornate Victorian silverplate sweetmeat tray or calling card tray. It has a owl in flight and an ornate figural bellflower handle. It is covered with esthetic era East Lake type decoration. It is 5 inches tall including handle and 7 inches deep and 7 inches wide. It is in very good condtion with some silverplate surface wear and loss as shown. It is very tarnished. 

This is a lovely smallish card tray, or bowl or vase holder (probably the latter), with two little baby girls at the ends of the supports eating something (perhaps an apple). It is marked Aurora S.P Mfg. Co. number 729.

A loverly fox with grapes and leaves card tray. Marked Middletown Silver Plate Co. 229

A lover little dog with a stick in it's mouth stands to one side in this delightful card receiving tray.
Marked Homan Silver Plate Co., 1713.

This card receiving tray has a cherub underneath a large leaf playing two flute or pipes. The piece has had a couple of repairs (with glue) but otherwise in very good condition (no missing parts). It is marked Middletown Plate Co. 107.m It has a lovely patina.

This is a fabulous Reed & barton card tray with a cherub elevated on the handle playing a harp. Marked Reed and Barton 1830.
The sides of the tray are decorated with lovely leaves and flowers

This is adorable figural card receiving tray with a bird 'flying' through a swirling looping handle.
The top of the tray is beautifully engraved with flowers leaves and (I think) bare trees.
It is marked as having been made by Simpson Hall Miller & Co., and has pattern production number 444.
It is in exceptional condition.  

This figural card receiving tray has a bird (parakeet?) sitting on top of the handle with grapes underneath,
while the card holder takes the shape of a shell.
Marked Meriden Silverplate Co, 01004

This figural card receiving tray has a similar design to the one above with a hummingbird. Marked Toronto S.P. Co. 819.

Another bird figural card tray, with leaves.
fMarked Meriden Silverplate Co. 1093.

This figural card receiving tray has a kate Greenaway lady standinding in a corner ready to receive people's cards.
The tray is in the shape of a pentagon and the surface of the tray has very detailed decorations. It is marked James W Tufts 3122

This card tary has a lady with and umbrella and a dog. I am sure there is a figual napkin ring with the same.
the tray is triangular with a fretted fencing. Marked James W Tufts 3104.
Beautiful light patina.

This fabulous card tray has a lady servant leaning over a cupped tray.
Marked James W Tufts 3309. 

This figural ard receiving tray has a girl unerneath holding a dog in her arms. It is marked Meriden B Company 140

This is a fabulous card receiver tray which has a stork or crane,
looking down on a fly or bee.
Marked Meriden Silverplate Co. 0566.

This is one of the most unusual figurals I have seen.
It could be a card receiver, a card holder, a toothpick holder or even a figural napkin ring.
Tufts has other examples, such as a cat standing next to a music sheet stand without a ring that is a figural napkin ring.
Marked Tufts 2671.

A rather simple design receiving card holder, with flowers leaves and vines engraved on a bowl dish.
Marked Rockford S.P. Co. 1060.

This marvelous card tray has two cockatoos with glass eyes sitting on perches underneath the card tray.
Marked Wilson Silver Plate Co. 362

A cherub plays some sort of guitar surrounded by leaves.
Marked Aurora Silver plate Co. 1002.

Two owls sit aloft the card tray on a branch with butterfly underneath.
Engraved on tray is "Ow'd Acquaintance Be Forgot"
Marked Derby Silver Co. 3522.

This is a beautiful little card tray, or trinket tray, or small candy basket.
Marked Simpson Hall Miller & Co. 524
the pin holding two leaves together with the bee is a common theme is a couple on figural napkin rings.
One is sterling silver and copper (mixed metal) made by Gorham Silver Co. from memory. 

This figual card receiving tray is just unbelievable.
It has a sherphard with goats under a flower shaped and engraved bowl.
Simply amazing. Marked Meriden Silverplate Co. 1095

This card tray is hard to beat in term of design.
It has a Kate Greenaway girl standing inside the triangular frame.
with 2 flowers handing down.
It is hard to believe this was made by hand.
Pieces were cast in sand and soldered by hand with those awkward old soldering irons.
Amazing is not enough.
Marked Meriden Silverplate Co. 1099.
Follows in the series from the one above.

This could be a nut bowl of a card tray. As it is quite shallow, I have put it in here.
It takes the shape of a huhe leaf with a squirrel sitting on a branch (with a leaf) eating an acorn.
Marked Himan Mfg. Co. 2412.

This small elegant piece is either a card tray or a small candy bowl.
It is shaped like a boat and has a lady figure head at either end with 4 feet shaped like feet.
Marked 2240.

This is a lovely little card tray in the form of a small basket.
It has a beautiful twisted handle, and sits on 4 ball feel.
The inside has embossed cherries and leaves.
Marked James W Tufts 2849

This beautiful card tray has a dolphinn or devil fish at the pedestal with a delicate
fern leaf base. Marked Merisen Silverplate Co. 1046.
It may have had a glass bowl on top.

This is a superb figuarl card tray with a conquistador stand underneath with an arch and very decorative base.
It is marked Simpson Hall Miller & Co. 252.
The top is engraved with leaves and seems to have a gold wash.