Figural candle holders and/or epergne vases. 
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This epergne vase or candle holder is made by James Tufts of boston and numbered 1091.
It has a shabby dog with glass eyes with a bone with a bud vase behind.
The same dog also appears in figural napkin rings and toothpick holders.

A lovely little epergne vase with the vase sitting on the back of a bird sitting on a leafy branch.
I cannot see any maker's mark but definitely Victorian c1880. Has a nice patina.

This epergne vase or candle holder is made by Rogers & Bro and is numbered 740.
The girl in this piece also appears in a figural napkin ring shown in the book by Victor Schadnig on page 5, top left corner.

another 2. Marked Reed & Barton 740

A pair like the above. In excellent condition with nice patina.
Marked Reed & Barton 740

This epergne vase or candle holder is made in England by W.W. Harrison & Co Montgomery Works Fargate 1885-1887. It has a deer wandering around on a rocky base underneath a palm tree.

This is a rather large epergne vase holder, with a large Meriden type lion holding a shield in front of it.
It is marked 704 and looks to be made in the USA, possibly by Meriden Silverplate Co.

2 x a candle holder/chamberstick with a handle depicting a cherub holding a heavy bowl on his cheek. Marked Meriden B Company #95.
I have a card tray with the same figure also made by Meriden B Company....see Card Trays

This is a fabulous candle holder with a hotel servant girl standing on a base with a jardinere (the candle holder) on top of a hexagonal pedestal. Marked Reed & Barton 885.

the base is shaped like a shell with a dolphin sitting above with the candle holder held by its tall. Has a Reg. No.
on bottom REG DES 879707

This figural candlestick holder made to use to find your way to your bed at night, has an owl on a wishbone.
It is engraved "Good Night" which is interesting as it is American and they used Night and not Nite.
It is made by Simpson Hall Miller & Co with the number 01060.
This chamber stick was possibly made for a child.

A lovely cherub candle chamberstick.
James W Tufts 3508.

This is a fabulous black negro African Americana chamberstick.
The candle place holder looks like a basket of sorts.
Marked Wilcox Siver plate Co. 2731.
Comes complete with a candle snuffer.

This figural chamberstick has an owl, whose head lifts to store the matches inside,
on a large leaf base. Marked "11" an "780".

This fabulous figural chamberstick has a lady with a skipping rope.
The handle (finger hold) is missing.
Marked Wilcox Silverplate Co. 3607.

This figural candlestick has an unusual halloween theme with a hand emerging from the dirt to hold the candle holder.
The handle means it was a chamberstick to use to get to bed at night.
It is marked Pairpoint Mgf. Co. 2687

This is a favourite chamberstick, with Wee Willie Winkie chamber stick.
Marked Acme Silver plate Co. 7

Wee Willie Winkie
Runs through the town,.

Upstairs and downstairs
In his nightgown.

Rapping at the windows,
Crying through the lock,.

"Are the children all in bed?
For it's now eight o'clock".

2 x Lovely espergne vases with foxes trying to climb up the sides to reach some grapes. There is a figural napkin ring very similar to this. Marked Wilcox S. P. Co. 1880

This is a fabulous epergne vase with a boy (with spade on the ground alongside him) erecting a large flower bud with a glass vase above. The glass trumpet vase is in excellent condition, with beautiful etchings of flowers and leaves. Marked WWH & Co, which is for William Wheatcroft Harrison & Co., Montgomery Works, Sheffield 1857-1883.

This is a beautiful epergne vase base with 3 cherubs holding it up.
Marked Wilcox S.P. Co. C1552 I.S.  

The candle holder has a bird which seems to appear in a lot of figural napkin rings.
Marked 2263, and something else I cannot read.

The fabulous chamcer candle holder has a monkey dressed on a suit like a waiter.
Marked Meriden Silverplate Co. 2252

This is a rather large double candle holder. It may be a chamber candle holder.
It has a lady lying back cacooned with wings.
Marked Mermod Jaggard & Co. Mo. (Missouri) 2707
It has a good hand grip under the lady so I think it is an expensive chamber candle holder.

A pair of beautiful candle holders with the holder held up by a man (Egyptian, Greek, ??). 
I have a figural toothpick holder with the same man holding up a sphere with holes from memory.
Marked Harford Silver Plate Co. 2256.