Figural Napkin Rings with Bud Vases

Here are my bud-vase figural napkin rings. In some cases the bud vases may also double as a toothpick holders.
There are also some other bud vase napkin rings in the cherub or male/female categories too.

ALL PRICES ON APPLICATION. You can contact me via the link below.



2 x Bud vase napkin ring with butterfly and rose bud, marked 272, then overwritten 171.
The ring is hand chased/engraved with a flower and leaves and vines. It is has the name Mabel on it and the date Mch 20 '05 (obviously 20 March 1905). It may have been made earlier though. It is marked as made by Rockford Silver P. Co. Quadruple, with the pattern number 171. On the rectangular base there is also a bud vase (or it could have been used as a toothpick holder as well, I suppose), which sits on top of a butterly sitting on a stem with leaves and a flower bud. Vedry impressive rings in hand.
It is picture in Gottschalk & Whitson's book on page 129, plate 309. They valued this figural napkin ring at $200-$350 in 1996. SKH

A bud vase figural napkin ring with an oriental theme at the base level (bamboo and fan) with the bud vase coming out of the flower and with a butterfly sitting on top of the napkin ring. Marked Simpson Hall Miller & Co. # 024. In excellent condition.

As above. This is marked Simpson, Hall, Miller & Co., but I can't see the number.
This one also has some gold plating applied to the butterfly, fans and on the inside of the vase.

As above. In excellent condition.

This is a magnificent figural napkin ring with a bud vase. It an unusual base with flowers and leaves leaning on the napkin holder, with a bird sitting on top of the napkin holder. It is marked The Acme Silver Co. Toronto 741. In excellent condition.

2 x This is marked as having been made by the Rockford Silver Plate Co. and can the pattern number 177.
It is shown in the book by Gottschalk and Whitson's book "Figural napkin Rings: Collectors Identification and Value Guild", on page 128 in plate 306.
They valued it at $200-$350, in 1996.


3 x figural napkin ring with a bud vase made by Simpson Hall Miller & Co.; not numbered.
The bud vase could have also been made to hold toothpicks.
This figural napkin ring is shown in the book "Figural Napkin Rings: Collector's Identification and Value Guide", by Gottschalk and Whitson (G&W), in plate 295 on page 123.
They valued it as between $200 and $350 in 1996.
The last one is
marked as made by Simpson Hall Miller & Co without a number. Did not check others. LLK

Webster & Bro. 171

napkin ring is removable, marked Webster & Bro 174

A very nice tall figural napkin ring in the form of a jug, marked Reed & Barton 1337. In excellent condition.

A superb bud vase napkin ring with a trumpet shaped vase on top of shaped napkin ring standing on a stretcher base with 4 feet,
with each pair of legs decorated with scrolls.
Marked 1275 on one leg. 
The maker has been located by experts (see G&W p135, plate 327) to be Reed & Barton.
In excellent condition.

This figural napkin ring with a trumpet shaped bud vase is decorated with two birds on the sides.
Marked Wilcox Silver plate Co. 1899.
Shown in G&W page 131, plate 314

This figural napkin ring has Egyption figures on legs at either end of the elevated napkin holder, with the bud vase sitting on top of the napkin holder. In near mint condition. It is shown in G&W on page 123 in plate 295. They say the maker's name is not marked but was probably made by Taunton Silver plate Co.

This figural napkin ring is similar to the one above but has a shelf underneath with a butterfly on it.
There is another one like this with a lion underneath. This one is marked Aurora S.P Mfg. #45.

2 x In this napkin ring, a female cherub-like figure (or maybe just a nude lady) holds onto the bud vase,
while holding a mirror in other hand.
The napkin ring has a beautiful cotton reel shape, all sitting in a elevated and decorated circular base.
This ring is damaged. there is a hole in one of the rims of the napkin ring, which is ususually made extraordinarily thin.
Marked Rockford Silver P. Co. 178.

  Both appears to have been replated (maybe not second?) and are in excellent condition.

2 x This is a most unusual figural napkin ring with bud vase or toothpick holder.
Marked Rockford Silver Plate Co. 170.
Super rare, super impressive up close too.
It is NOT shown in the book by Gottschalk and Whitson, "Figural Napkin Rings: Collectors Identification and Value Guide" , so is quite rare as it was not in their collection.
There are other bud vase rings with the same pattern on the napkin holder so I know it is original.  
See for example the ring in G&W on page 128 in Plate 306, which is Rockford 177.

I have not seen this figural napkin ring before so it is super rare. No previous sales on the Internet I can find either. IKH

This is a simple figural napkin ring with a horn shaped bud vase or toothpick holder.
Marked Homan Silver Plate Co.
Special Metal

This bud vase figural napkin ring has a cherub holding up the vase on top of his head with the ring behind.
The base is quite unusual with frill work on the sides.
Marked W.M. Rogers 276.
Very rare ring. In Cherub section.

An Arabian man (?) holds a torch aloft.
Marked Hartford Silver Plate Co. 17.
Under Male and Female figures section.