Figural Napkin Rings with Animals

Here are my figural napkin rings with other animals,

eg, elephant, kangaroo, bull, pig, camel, monkey, rats, and sheep.
ALL PRICES ON APPLICATION. You can contact me via the link below.



kangaroo next to nicely designed napkin ring, unmarked to maker or number.
One ear is missing.

4 x Although this figural napkin ring has a kangaroo it is American and not Australian made (ditto for previous ring).
It is c1880, and if very similar to the one above but the kangaroo is now facing to the side.
Unmarked as to maker and number. This figural napkin ring is rarer than the one above.
Shown in Gottschalk and Whitson on page 76 plate 168.
The napkin holder ring is exactly the same but the orientation of the kangaroo is different.
I also have that one. See above.
The ring they show is also unmarked. They valued it at $200-$350 in 1996.
The figural napkin ring with the kangaroos head turned e

This is like the one above but the ring is different. This is not too common
but sometimes different ring were used. This is also an American FNR with a similiar
holder to the scout ring in my collection.

 beautiful resilvered figural napkin ring with an emu.
Not marked.
This looks like an American ring, not Australian and the bird may by an osterich

elephant on oval base napkin ring, marked Knickerbocker Silver Co.1249. Similar to bull ring below which in no. 1250

elephant next to flower-shaped napkin ring, unmarked


2 x This is a lovely figural napkin ring with a camel.
One is made by Meriden B Company and other by Rogers Smith & Co, which was absorbed into MB Co.
Both are numbered # 269.

bull on oval base napkin ring, marked Knickerbocker Silver Co.1250

Same bull as in the above figural napkin ring but different base, hexagonal ring and bull on other side of the ring.
Marked Knickerbocker 1248 (or maybe 1218).

This figural napkin ring has the same bull as in the ring above but the bull is now alongside a hexagonal shaped napkin holder.
The maker or number are not marked. This is not unusual. Guaranteed 19th century, and probably made by Knickerbocker Silver Co.

Another similar bull figural napkin ring with the napkin holder consisting of 6 arcs. Unmarked.
In excellent condition. Very rare example.

Similar to above but without the fine ribbing across the ring.

Similar to the one above but with a different patterned ring.

Another very similar bull figural napkin ring like the one above but with a different engraving on the ring itself.
This ring also has 4 arcs and not 6 as above.
Maker and number not marked.

A big bull pulls a sled along. Marked Middletown Plate Co. 84.
It looks like it had a gold wash at one time.

This figural napkin ring has a relatively smaller napkin holder so is probably made for a child.
It has a cow standing next to a tree branch with the napkin holder above.
It is marked Rogers Smith & Co., who were absorbed into Meriden B Company in the 1860s.
It has the number 243.

This figural napkin ring has a cow sitting on a fancy rectangular base with the ring behind.

Marked 174. Cannot see maker's stamp.
This one is rare as. FNR number 164 which has the same cow is shown in G&W on page 36 in plate 72.
G&W valued that ring at $200-$350 in 1996.

This is a marvelous cow figural napkin ring, with hay bound together to form the holder. The deatil is amazing as per usual.
Marked Wilcox Siler Plate Comapny 01538. Shown in G&W plate 72, page 36. Valued at $350-$500 in 1996.

This figural napkin ring has a sheep or lamb standing alongside an engraved napkin holder with a shaped edging.
Maker and number not marked.  Looks to be American to me.

2 x Another sheep figural napkin ring with a large-ish sized sheep,
 next to a slightly smaller than normal sized napkin holder ring.
Marked Barbour Silver Co. #13.
number 1: In very good condition, some bending on base, and small patches of plate loss.
number 2: In excellent condition.
This is a very rare ring.
The sheep and ring are in different positions on the base in each example above.

This figural napkin ring is marked REGD. PLATO EPNS. Made in England. See last photo.
England did not make as many figural napkin rings and America.

This figural napkin ring has a donkey or mule next to a round ring.
Unmarked as to maker or number but looks American.
The detail on the donkey is excellent and fine.
Not in G&W collection.

This is a very impressive figural napkin ring with a donkey tied to a post on an oval base.
It is not shown in G&W's collection so is very very rare.
It is marked Meriden  B Company 588. IKHH+

buffalo next to pieced napkin ring, unmarked, possibly Apollo Silver Co.,
as I have 2 cherub figural napkin rings with the same pieced holder.
I should relook to see if hallmark is on the rim of holder as in cherub ones.

A fabulous llama napkin ring with frilled pie-crust edge.

In this figural napkin ring, a monkey stands upright on a rocky design oval shaped base pushing a napkn ring.
It is marked Anchor Silver Plate Co., which is listed in G&W's book, but I cannot find a number.
Has a nice darlish patina. The top would ahve been cleaned some time ago but still with nice patina.
The ring is a bit worn at the front because this is where you tend to crab the ring when picking it up. I suspect the ring itself
has been changed. Unfortunate.

In the extremelty rare figural napkin ring a monkey is playing a tuba or other wind instrument.
Maker not marked. Number 065. Made that way.
Shown in G&W page 63.
These monkey rings are extermely rare.
G&W borrowed these rings from another collector for their book (as noted by them).

This figural napkin ring has a large monkey/ape dressed with shirt, pants, vest and cap standing with hands in pockets,
on an oval shaped base with the napkin holder behind. In excellent near mint condition.
Shown in G&W on page 61 in plate 132. Marked james W Tufts 1538. SKH.

This is a very rare bear figural napkin ring. It is marked Middletown Plate Co. # 89

2 x A bear faces a bee in this figural napkin ring.
Marked Reed & Barton 1470.

This figural napkin ring is marked P T & Co S in squares (as below) on the back of the ring.
PRYOR TYZACK & CO (possibly). Sheffield Active at Granville St (1860-1861), 80 Division St (1862-1863). In 1863 the firm changed to Beame Pryor & Tyzack 

This figural napkin clip has a mouse or rat sitting on top, with ornate flowers at the end of the clip.
Marked Tufts 1606.
I also have one like this with a chick but it is missing the flowers.
There is another one with a boy laying on top of the clip that I do not have yet.

A mouse sits on a rectangular base next to the ring in this figural napkin ring.
Marked James W Tufts 1619, with 21 also stamped underneath this.

A mouse sits on a fotted cicular base next to a ring. The mouse has quite a long tail.
Hard to see the maker's name but numbered 01501. Shown in G&W plate 130 page 60.

This figural napkin ring is not marked as for the maker or pattern number,
but is pictured in 
Gottschalk & Whitson's book "Figural Napkin Rings: Collector's Identification and Value Guide", on page 61, plate 131.
They graded this figural napkin ring as a C, and valued it at $200-350 in 1996.

They say it was made with glass eyes but they are not on this one for sale.
There are tiny little threaded bolts inside of the mouse sockets. Really tiny. Maybe the glass was fitted to them.
G&W say it is numbered 4506. Mine is numbered....hard to read....looks like 4305 even. ???
G&W say it is probably made by Derby Silver Co. 

A mouse sits on top of a barrel with branches on the side.

This figural napkin ring has a beaver sitting on top of a branch with shoots and leaves above the napkin holder.
The base (which has been used in other figural napkin rings....see for example the birds section) is a large thick leaf.
It is marked Toronto S.P. Co. 1110. In excellent condition with darkish patina.
I thnk the beaver is a water animal so this should ahve perhaps gone into the marine section.

2 x This figural napkin ring has a lizard under a branch with leaves with the holder sitting on top.
It is authentic. One like it sold a few years ago for over $500 usd.
This figural napkin ring is shown in the book by Gottschalk and Whitson's book "Figural napkin Rings: Collectors Identification and Value Guild", in plate 169 on page 76.
They valued it at $200-$350 in 1996, but it is much rarer than they suggest. 

A ring sits on the back of a lizard.
Looks to be marked Meriden Silver Plate Co. 0203 on the bottom of the lizard

This has the same lizard as above but sits on an elevated circular base.
Marked on bittom of base
Meriden Silver Plate Co.. I cannot locate the number but the books say it should be 0201

And here is another figural napkin ring with a lizard in this series, marked Meriden Silver Plate Co. 0202

I have only ever seen this ring once and this is it. It has a snale curled up to make the napkin holder.
The holder screws onto a leavy base I recocognise as Toronto SP Co..
it is indeed made by them with number 1201 (or 1291).

This is a RARE giraffe under a palm tree figural napkin ring.
Some of the prongs on the palm tree are broken but otherwise in very good condition.
It is marked Rockford Mfg. Co. 145

This one is in excellent condition.